Awesome photo of British Typhoon intercepting fully armed Russian Su-27 over the Baltics

Jun 18 2014 - 9 Comments

What a close encounter: Russian Su-27 and British Typhoon.

On Jun. 17, Royal Air Force Typhoons were scrambled to intercept multiple Russian aircraft as part of NATO’s Baltics Air Policing mission.

According to the information released by the RAF, the Typhoon aircraft, from 3 (Fighter) Squadron, were launched !after four separate groups of aircraft were detected by NATO air defences in international airspace near to the Baltic States.”

The “zombies” (how unidentified aircraft are dubbed in fighter pilots jargon), turned out to be a Tupolev Tu-22M “Backfire” bomber, four Sukhoi Su-27 ‘Flanker’ fighters, one Beriev A50 ‘Mainstay’ early warning aircraft and an Antonov An-26 ‘Curl’ transport aircraft “who appeared to be carrying out a variety of routine training,” even though the Flankers appear to be armed to the teeth, with 4x R-27 medium range and 2x R-73 short range air-to-air missiles

As usual, the Russian aircraft were shadowed and escorted on their way.

Su-27 RAF Typhoon

Image credit: SAC Dan Herrick / RAF /Crown Copyright


  • Victorinox

    Considering the Flanker has one Typhoon at his 4 o’clock (from where the pic was taken) and another one at his 8 o’clock (seen in the pic), it is clear the Flanker was the one intercepted

  • pumpshag

    A Bogey is a confirmed aggressor plane.

    • Victorinox

      A confirmed aggressor plane is called a “Bandit”

  • Martin

    Wow!! Beautifull SU27!! That’s an awesome plane, not like the joke of our typhoons…real shit!

  • Pepe Le Cox

    In fact can carry, 4xR-27ER, 2xR-27ET and 2xR-73 with 2xECM pods, the one of the pic is not carrying the ECM pods, and about the range, read wiki:

    Maximum speed: Mach 2.35 (2,500 km/h, 1,550 mph) at altitude

    Range: 3,530 km (2,070 mi) at altitude; (1,340 km / 800 mi at sea level)

    Vs. 2,900 km of the typhoon.

  • CC

    su-27 is more reliable actually but typhoon has more tech
    russia has Su-30 and su-35s for the typhoon

    • Pooter Bilbo

      The SU-27 is much older, and maintenance/readiness has always been a big problem for the russians. Neither of those factors bode well for Su-27 reliability.

  • Sandy

    What is important, is that Russians are acting as adversaries today.

    We’d hoped the silly “reset” would coalesce similar thinking peoples, but no.

    Seems the Bible is correct. We still must fight the Russian hordes.

  • OR

    there were times in USSR and Russia when air forces have been neglected.. but to say it was always a big problem would be an overstatement