China’s Su-27 Flankers intercept Japanese aircraft for the first time

May 26 2014 - 7 Comments

Two Japanese aircraft flying over the East China Sea have been intercepted by People’s Liberation Army Air Force Su-27 Flanker jets for the first time.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force OP-3C and Japan Air Self-Defense Force YS-11EB were intercepted over the East China Sea by two PLAAF Su-27 Flankers.

Nothing really special, other than the first image of an armed Chinese Su-27 from an intercepted Japanese military aircraft.

Both close encounters occurred on May 24, at 11.00 and 12.00 AM LT.

Image credit: Japan’s MoD


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  • Anonymous

    First time ? Who said so, the jap propagandists or theAviationist. On Jan 31 2014, two F-15Js were intercepted by PLAN Su-30 fighters over the same area.

    • phuzz

      So this is the first time they’ve been intercepted by Su-27’s then.

      They’re similar, but still different aircraft.

  • Santa HoHoHo

    Definitely not the first time the Japanese had been intercepted. But rather the first time they got into such close encounters, 30m-50m they said?

    • Neo Racer


      • Manthinks

        Hollywood’s version need some video editing to get this close. (Don’t forget the tails!). I believe the Pentagon spokesman did a better job promoting their version of the event 28 years later.

  • Mr.Anderson

    “Who said so, the jap propagandists or theAviationist.” wow, you completely lose the argument as soon as you start with the racist name calling. Good job!

    • Manthinks

      I understand the word “Jap” was used widely by the American some years ago.
      It’s not a Chinese invention, BTW. :)