China’s Su-27 Flankers intercept Japanese aircraft for the first time

Two Japanese aircraft flying over the East China Sea have been intercepted by People’s Liberation Army Air Force Su-27 Flanker jets for the first time.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force OP-3C and Japan Air Self-Defense Force YS-11EB were intercepted over the East China Sea by two PLAAF Su-27 Flankers.

Nothing really special, other than the first image of an armed Chinese Su-27 from an intercepted Japanese military aircraft.

Both close encounters occurred on May 24, at 11.00 and 12.00 AM LT.

Image credit: Japan’s MoD


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  1. First time ? Who said so, the jap propagandists or theAviationist. On Jan 31 2014, two F-15Js were intercepted by PLAN Su-30 fighters over the same area.

    • So this is the first time they’ve been intercepted by Su-27’s then.

      They’re similar, but still different aircraft.

  2. Definitely not the first time the Japanese had been intercepted. But rather the first time they got into such close encounters, 30m-50m they said?

      • Hollywood’s version need some video editing to get this close. (Don’t forget the tails!). I believe the Pentagon spokesman did a better job promoting their version of the event 28 years later.

  3. “Who said so, the jap propagandists or theAviationist.” wow, you completely lose the argument as soon as you start with the racist name calling. Good job!

    • I understand the word “Jap” was used widely by the American some years ago.
      It’s not a Chinese invention, BTW. :)

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