New image of a Russian Tu-22M Backfire with cruise missile emerges

Dec 16 2013 - 1 Comment

Not many images showing the KH-22, a large, long-range cruise missile developed by the Soviet Union to target U.S. Navy aircraft carriers with a conventional or nuclear warhead, can be found on the Internet.

Those that you can find if you Google “KH-22” are mainly old ones, hence a recent clear air-to-air image showing a Tu-22M Backfire flying with a couple of missiles that are dubbed AS-4 “Kitchen” by NATO, deserve a mention.

The photograph in this post was uploaded on the portal by a user using the nickname “White” and shows the Tu-22 flying with two KH-22s (most probably upgraded to the KH-32 version, which features new seeker head and rocket motor), capable to reach a top speed of about Mach 5 and a range around 700 km.

One missile is clearly visible under the port wing, the other one is probably carried on the starboard underwing pylon.

Image credit: “White”


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