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Shocking video shows Greek AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea

Dramatic footage of an AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea.

On Sept. 20, at around 09.00AM LT a Greek Army Apache helicopter crashed into the Aegean

The AH-64D helicopter crashed for reasons unknown in the waters of the Strimonikos Gulf near Asprovalta, in northern Greece while taking part in SARISA 2016 exercise.

The footage below shows the helicopter crashing into the sea and capsizing. Fortunately, both crew members escaped safely.

The helicopter is believed to belong to either the 1st or 2nd Battalion of Attack Helicopters from Volos, central Greece.

This the third loss of D-model out of 12 initially procured by the Greek Army.

The incident reminds a famous U.S. Army AH-64 crash in Afghanistan or the Italian Army NH-90 helicopter that crashed into the Bracciano Lake, north of Rome, in June 2008. One of the pilots was killed, the other two crew members were rescued from the water after the helicopter almost disintegrated in the impact.

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Watch a Chinook lift a stuck Apache helicopter from a rice field in Texas

A massive CH-47 Chinook retrieved a smaller AH-64D Apache attack helicopter near Houston Texas.

On Aug. 30, a Texas Army National Guard AH-64D Apache, was forced to perform an emergency landing on a rice field near Wallisville, 30 miles to the east of Houston.

Although the landing was successful and nobody was hurt, the attack chopper had to be moved away from the field and, two days later, the disabled Army helicopter was rescued by a CH-47 that lifted the AH-64 a carried it for 16 miles to the Baytown Airport.

With a 26,000-lb sling load capacity on the central hook the Chinook is capable to lift and carry other aircraft: for instance, in August 2013, a CH-47F Chinook helicopter transported a U.S. Air Force A-7K Corsair II to the Goldstar Museum at Camp Dodge, in Johnston, Iowa.

Top image: screenshot from AP video


Intense video shows the moment a Russian helicopter is downed by ISIS in Syria

The skies over Syria are quite dangerous.

On Jul. 9, a Russian Mi-35M helicopter was shot down by Daesh east of Palmyra the Russian MoD reported.

The gunship was flying a mission in support of the loyalist forces along with an Mi-24P Hind when it was hit by anti-aircraft fire and crashed into the ground killing the two crew members.

According to the latest reports, Daesh and rebels have grown their anti-aircraft capabilities by means of SAM (Surface to Air Missile) systems and MANPADS.

The Syrian regime has lost several aircraft due to anti-aircraft weaponry since the beginning of the uprising.


Take a look at this cool Italian AB.212ICO helicopter in Tiger color scheme attending NTM2016

The Italian HH-212 helicopter is sporting a flamboyant tiger livery.

From May 16, two HH-212 (AB.212ICO) helicopters with the 21° Gruppo (Squadron) “Tiger” from the 9° Stormo (Wing) based at Grazzanise, Italy, have deployed to Zaragoza, Spain, to take part in NTM (NATO Tiger Meet) 2016.

Tiger Meet AB212 special

NATO Tiger Meet is a two-week multi-national mid-size exercise that includes all types of air-to-air and air-to-ground and a wide variety of support missions, comprising large COMAOs (Composite Air Operations). In particular, the Italian HH-212s are conducting PR (Personnel Recovery), CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue), NEO (Non-combatant Evacuation Operation), Special Forces support and tactical transports: the same kind of missions the squadron has flown during several tours of duty in Afghanistan.

It is attended by flying units, from 15 nations, sharing a Tiger (or feline) emblem.

One of the two helicopters that the 21° Gruppo brought to Spain is a new special colored HH-212 (MM81161/9-61) that celebrates also then 10 years since the squadron (formerly an F-104 and then Tornado F3 unit) reactivation on their current base. Noteworthy, the 21° has won the “Silver Tiger” trophy for the overall Best Squadron during last year’s Tiger Meet held at Konya, Turkey.

Along with the helicopters, the Italian Air Force has deployed to Zaragoza 6x Eurofighter Typhoons belonging to the 12° Gruppo from 36° Stormo based at Gioia del Colle.

Eurofighter del XII Gruppo Caccia Intercettori

Image credit: Sergio Lanna and Italian Air Force

Polish Mi-8 and W-3 helicopters train with Canadian Army’s mechanized company during joint drills

Awesome photographs show Soviet-made Mi-8 and the Polish W-3 Sokół helicopters in their natural operating environment, collaborating with the Western allies.

Platoon of the mechanized company from the Canadian Army’s 22nd Regiment conducted a joint training operation in collaboration with the Polish 7th Air Cavalry Squadron.


According to the Polska Zbrojna outlet, some difficulties emerged during the training because of the language barrier with the Canadians from Quebec, as stated by Cpt. Łukasz Ogrodowicz, commander of the Polish unit involved in the training operation, interviewed by PZ.


The Canadians, a mechanized infantry element, not an airborne one, got acquainted with the Polish operational procedures related to use of the helicopters, with involvement of mock-ups and trainers.


Two W-3W Sokół and a single Mi-8 rotorcraft were being used within the framework of the event, by multinational platoons. Fast-rope insertion is an indispensable element of such exercises and, as the Canadians claimed, this was one of the most important components of the training.


Parachute training was also a part of the operational activities. The jumps were executed within the military airfield traffic zone, from altitudes ranging from 700 to 1,200 meters. W-3W helicopters acted as the platform which carried the jumpers.


This is not the first Canadian deployment to Poland. Last year, Polish 25th Cavalry Brigade trained together with the Canadian soldiers hailing from the 3rd Regiment of the Royal Canadian Army.


All Images: Filip Modrzejewski