Nice air-to-air image of Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber intercepted off UK by RAF Typhoon

Apr 25 2014 - 17 Comments

The RAF has released some cool images of the long-range Russian Tu-95 aircraft intercepted off northern UK earlier this week.

On Apr. 23, two RAF Typhoons from RAF Leuchars, intercepted and escorted two Tu-95 “Bear-H” aircraft that were approaching the British Isles off Scotland.

In what is the eight such kind of close encounter since 2013, the 6 Sqn’s QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) shadowed the Russian bombers (that were flying in international airspace) until they handed over the two “zombies” to two Royal Danish Air Force F-16s.

Noteworthy, the two Bears were later intercepted by a pair of Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s that escorted the Russian planes until they flew off the Dutch airspace, reportedly violated by half a mile.

Anyway, as they headed back home, the two Tu-95s were picked up again by the Typhoons that once again accompanied the Russians on their way towards Norway.

During the time the Typhoons escorted the Bears, the RAF pilots had the opportunity to get some nice shots of the “intruders”, like the one you can see on top of this post (that is the only significant development from previous interceptions).

Image credit: RAF/Crown Copyright


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