[Video] U.S. F-15C jet fighter scrambles from Lithuanian airbase

Apr 08 2014 - 7 Comments
  • artyom

    Wow it takes a long time for them to scramble…

    The ground crew is very “relaxed”… at T+0:10 in the video you still see “remove before the flight” strips withing the gear after 1 engine was already started.

    Not a good operation for defense of a small countries

    • idlespeculator

      Photo op; check out the bystanders as the bird exits the hanger

  • Marco

    The tip of the spear. F-15C’s. Still among the best air defense tools you can have around, if not the best.

  • Marco

    It has an air to air victory mark! what serial is that?

  • Roland Lawrence

    They just happened to be passing eh? How handy! Looks like more chips are being thrown in for this round of the game. As Mark Twain once said “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – The F15 looks like its got plenty of fight left in it. Its also a design classic! I never tire of seeing this machine or its counterpart the Su-27.

  • Marco

    24 Mar 1999
    EDGE 61
    Kill Mark: 493 EFS/48 FW
    Mike “Dozer” Shower

  • Vijay Mehra

    Look at that thing climb!