Chinese bombers skirt Japanese islands. And get intercepted by F-15 fighter jets.

Sep 09 2013 - Leave a Comment

On Sept. 8, two Chinese H-6 bombers, reportedly PLAN (People Liberation Army Navy) H-6Gs, flew in international airspace between the Miyako and Okinawa before returning to the East China Sea.

Even if the two bombers flew 300 km off the coast of Okinawa, the Japan Air Self Defense Force scrambled some F-15 fighter jets from Naha, to intercept and escort the Chinese aircraft.

Earlier this year, in July, a Chinese plane flew through the Nansei Islands, the chain of islands extending between Kyushu and Taiwan in southwest Japan.
Recently, Japan accused Russia for an alleged violation of Tokyo’s airspace by Russian Air Force Tu-95 bombers.

Image credit: Japanese MoD


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