Japan accuses Russia: “two Tu-95 bombers have violated our airspace”

According to a report written by Reuters two Russian bombers briefly entered Japan’s air space near its major southern island of Kyushu on Thursday 22 August.

The two Tu-95 spent no more than 2 minutes in Japanese airspace but in that time Japan had launched two F-2 fighters to intercept the bombers, Japan lodged a protest with the Russian authorities that released a denial.


“Two Tu-95MS strategic bombers conducted routine flights over the neutral waters in the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean,”  went the statement from the Russian Defence Ministry.

They went on to add “According to control equipment on board, state borders were not violated. The long-haul aircraft were accompanied by Japanese Air Force fighter jets throughout their flight over neutral waters.”

The islands in question are part of a long running dispute over their ownership and a similar incident took place in February 2012.

More recently, Russian bombers were active in northern Europe.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com


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