This is how Japanese see their future air war against China over Senkaku Islands. With new stealth planes

Even if they are promotional material aimed to support a recently released book, the videos in this post are particularly interesting as they show how the Japanese see their future air-sea battle scenario.

Obviously, China is perceived as the main (only?) enemy and the Senkaku Islands (also known as Diaoyu Islands in China) is where Japanese foresee the close encounter with Beijing carrier battle group‘s J-15s.

Noteworthy, whereas Chinese planes featured in the video are current ones (there’s no trace of J-20s or J-31s), Japanese fighter jets are mainly new F-3s (whose development is not to start before 2016-17) namely F-3As and delta-wing F-3Es.

Some footage also features several F-35Cs embarked on a Japanese aircraft carrier.

Although it does not seem to be an official Japan Air Self Defense Force product, the CGI footage seems to support Japan’s current nationalist instinct and fits with the Abe government’s path to rearming.
Nothing more than a cartoon then. At least for the moment.

Written with David Cenciotti

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  1. We only got to keep are eyes on 4,country’s. Iran ,North Korea , Russia , china. Those guys are bad guys, and we are the good guys usa along with 30 county’s behind us,and the good guys always kick ass!!!!

  2. A war is never going to happen with China now. China has developed hypersonic glide nukes that travel 12,000 kilometers per hour. With the US unable to counter such devastating speeds, it will not risk war because the US only picks fights that could only be a land slide victory (even though the only war the US has ever won was technically a stalemate, Korea).

    The US was as powerful in the 80’s as the UK was in the year of 1900, where they controlled 1/3rd of the worlds trade. We need not speculate on the might of the UK now, as it’s hardly more impressive than Canada. The US recently controlling 1/3rd of the worlds resources too has dwindled down to a mere 18% of the worlds GDP today due to successful development of many new countries becoming stable enough to end the “free” trade agreements signed with US and do business with each other instead. The era of US corporations buying up natural resources with paper bills is slowly ending.

    The US 18% will continue to weaken, it will find that it too must conduct it self in a reasonable ethical manner to maintain whats left trust of other nations and still has plenty of opportunity to do so. The vast amounts of natural resources lying within US borders and the worlds greatest maritime transport capabilities maintains many foreign interests in good relations with America because America will always be wealthy and prosperous land yielding excellent return on investments. No sensible nation that desires progression wants war or bad relations with America.

    War no longer makes sense today.

  3. Japan cannot beat China without US support and I am pretty sure that the US, with its current status, would find a loophole through that mutual defense contract.

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