[Photo] F-35A on final at Nellis Air Force Base

Jul 29 2013 - 1 Comment

Since there are not many F-35 flying around the world, any “unofficial” picture of the much maligned fifth generation stealth fighter plane is extremely interesting.

The one above was taken by Alan Sondak at Nellis Air Force last week and shows one of the local-based Joint Strike Fighters about to land on runway 03R at the airbase located just outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the meanwhile, testing activities go ahead.

An F-35A Joint Strike Fighter flying just under the speed of sound dropped a 2,000-pound GBU-31 guided bomb from 10,000 feet on Jul. 1 at Edwards Air Force Base, California; a test whose aim was to verify whether the bomb would properly separate from the the aircraft flying in a tactical environment and a little step toward full-rate production…

Image credit: Alan Sondak via T. Lovelock

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