B-2 stealth bombers upgrade to include a more direct way to get Presidential orders

Imagine a B-2 waiting orders from the White House whether to drop a nuclear bomb on a enermy site or call it off in Iran, North Korea, Syria. That order has to be delivered to the bomber in a timely and trustworthy way.

With the Common Very Low Frequency Receiver Increment 1, or CVR-1 program, the U.S. Air Force fleet of B-2 stealth bombers will be given another more reliable way to receive orders from the President of the U.S. via EAMs (Emergency Action Messages).

Currently, the flying wing bomber uses a UHF system that relies on satellite relay. However, the constellation of Military Strategic Tactical and Relay, MILSTAR, satellites is becoming a bit too obsolete and will not be upgraded. Until a replacement is found, with the upgraded communication system, the B-2 will bypass satellites: its radios will be capable to receive VLF (Very Low Frequency) signals bounced off of lower levels of the atmosphere.

CVR Increment 1 is to be fielded in 2017.


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