[Artwork] B-2 Spirit stealth bomber nuclear attack on North Korea

Apr 08 2013 - 11 Comments

This artwork was prepared by Al Clark.

It shows, in quite a realistic way, an extremely unlikely nuclear attack on Pyongyang, North Korea, by a U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit.

As happened in the past for other artworks made by Clark, some readers will find it disturbing, provocative, or slightly inaccurate for this or that detail.

Please take it for what it is: a drawing (actually a Computer Generated Image) depicting the worst scenario of the developing crisis in the Korean peninsula.

Or, the answer of an American artist to the North Korean nuclear threat adn the propaganda videos featuring US cities nuked by ICBMs

Last week, the alleged targets of an eventual North Korean nuclear missile attack on Hawaii and Continental U.S. were (purposely?) exposed by photographs of a military meeting attended by Kim Jong Un.

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  • I find it awesome and hope that it happens. NK needs to be cleansed by nuclear fire.

  • guest

    Distasteful. Disappointing to see this here.

    • Ano N. Ymous

      Distasteful is exactly the right word. There are innocent civilians living under that orange-rimmed white blob. We should be thinking of ways to free them, not to fry them.

  • Doc Strangelove

    This is, to say it very cautiously, complete and utter bullshit. And also absolutely distasteful. Depicted in this “artwork” is approximately – to judge by the fireball – the moment of death of one to three million human beings the most of them innocent civilians, elderly people, mothers and children who have nothing to do with the ongoing crisis.

    Besides it’s absolutely senseless destruction because B61 nuclear gravity bombs which are delivered by B-2 are typically aimed at strategic targets or generally in a counter force role. They wouldn’t at all be aimed at civilian targets.

    Nuclear weapons are not fun! They are nothing to joke with!

    • cry me a river build a bridge and get over it. what part of fiction do you not understand. there are people making pictures of us Americans dying or getting blown up all the time! where’s the outcry for that?! or the outcry at a dead soldier’s funeral?? or the homeless vet?! your complaints are falling on deaf ears because you are a one way person hence a true testament to the meaning RACIST and a special intrests fxxktard!

  • cencio4

    I’m always impressed by the over reaction to some provocative artworks. It seems like people don’t read what’s clearly underlined in the post and forget that military planes, can be involved in wars in which they will not deliver flowers to their enemy. The drawing is so absurd (can you believe a nuke is dropped downtown?) that I can’t believe there’s someone worrying about the civilians.

    Do they worry when delivering weapons with F-16 flight simulator? I don’t because is fiction, I would if it was real….
    Same here, there’s nothing to worry about, since it’s pure fiction, hopefully.

  • LOL, David, we knew there would be haters.

  • DaGonz

    I am sure that Kim Sum Asshat has no problem dreaming of dropping a nuke or two on innocent civilians.. the problem is, he is just crazy enough to do it.

  • Shawn Sutton

    Why do we perceive civilians as “innocent”? Are they not the ones who provide the soldiers, make the weapons, make the economy of a country?

  • Yusef Waltz

    Would have been more dramatic with a pair of F-22 Raptor escorts.

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