[Artwork] B-2 Spirit stealth bomber nuclear attack on North Korea

Apr 08 2013 - 11 Comments

This artwork was prepared by Al Clark.

It shows, in quite a realistic way, an extremely unlikely nuclear attack on Pyongyang, North Korea, by a U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit.

As happened in the past for other artworks made by Clark, some readers will find it disturbing, provocative, or slightly inaccurate for this or that detail.

Please take it for what it is: a drawing (actually a Computer Generated Image) depicting the worst scenario of the developing crisis in the Korean peninsula.

Or, the answer of an American artist to the North Korean nuclear threat adn the propaganda videos featuring US cities nuked by ICBMs

Last week, the alleged targets of an eventual North Korean nuclear missile attack on Hawaii and Continental U.S. were (purposely?) exposed by photographs of a military meeting attended by Kim Jong Un.

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