North Korean propaganda video shows nuclear attack on the United States

Apr 15 2013 - 3 Comments

Even if it is not believed to be able to conduct such a daring attack (as it neither owns missiles capable to reach Continental U.S.), North Korea believes it can use nuclear weapons to hit Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Colorado Springs and the Hawaii.

This is what emerges from the video released on Apr. 13 by Pyongyang, which depicts the U.S. targets exploxing into balls of flames as the missiles strike on the map.

Noteworthy, even if one of the presumed targets is Colorado Springs (most probably because it is where the North American Aerospace Defense Command – NORAD – is located), the target site on the map is actually located elsewhere, in southern Arkansas or northern Lousiana.

The footage includes images of North Korean military planes, warships and missiles as well as American weapons systems, including the B-52 bomber and the B-2 stealth plane, two of the U.S. assets that have already been involved in deterrence missions over South Korea and more than others would be involved in an eventual air war in the Korean Peninsula if Pyongyang attacked the U.S. or one of its regional ally.

A missile test (with Japan in the line of fire) could be conducted on Apr. 15, on the most important of national holidays when North Korea celebrates the birthday of Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

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