Photo shows targets of (impossible) North Korean attack plan on the US: Honolulu, San Diego, Washington DC and Austin

Mar 29 2013 - 5 Comments

Following the yesterday B-2 Spirit “extended deterrence” mission over South Korea, Kim Jong Un has approved an attack plan on targets located in the Pacific and mainland U.S.

Photos published in KCNA state agency and other Korean and foreign websites, showing North Korea’s leader during a military meeting allegedly held early on Mar. 29, U.S. targets are deliberately visibile.

Provided North Korea has really the capability to reach those targets with its rockets (note: it hasn’t), the places threatened by the “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan” [미본토타격계획] should be: San Diego, Washington DC, Austin and Honolulu.

Considered that North Korea’s (geriatric) military is not believed to be capable to hit targets at intercontinental distances, it is safe to say that pictures showing attack plan maps were released for domestic propaganda purposes as a sort of retaliation for the Mar. 28 show of force by the stealth Batwing Bomber.

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  • Jonathan

    They’re going to have an especially difficult time hitting them if they try to take the path drawn on those maps, instead of a great circle route. This image can only be explained two ways: (1) They have no idea what they’re doing, or (2) It’s all for show, and think that their population is too ignorant to spot the difference.

  • Edoardo Paolo

    I suspect the North Koreans would love that the West laughs at their efforts to seem serious players in world politics and especially at the NK military. Making your opponent feel superior to you is a fine strategy if you plan to bushwhack him when it suits you. And the NK does not need missiles to do it, when a few cargo containers full of radioactive dirt/toxic chemicals/virulent agents could be with ease slipped into various American ports and cities via container ship and/or 18-wheeler trucks.

    • Marcelo Schiavon

      I agree fully.

  • Do they even possess a plane that is able to fly to USA and back?

  • JB1794

    Lets assume they do have the nukes given the cooperation of Iran’s program as well. And the fact NK is still fuming about the sabotage that took out many of their scientist in Iran.

    You know they do not have the missiles to properly deliver the heavier nuclear payload. Therefore, an more conventional means, say a commercial airliner converted would make more sense as well match up with the map on the wall better. More over, they have already had to think out of the box for other past successful hits on SK’s navy. Given such, that map may be quite accurate.

    More over, with the pact with China, they are bolstered to try a bold unconventional plan knowing such support will slow reactions down. More so with Iran possibly aiding and abetting them in the background as an sudden theater opening there would allow for an easier strike in the middle east with US forces overextended by Islamic groups. As well Iran opening other unseen means of North Korea finding a means of delivering an unexpected hit on an unexpected route. And with Syria being compromised right now… Things will get interesting very quickly..