[Poster] B-2 stealth bomber over South Korea explained

Mar 28 2013 - 7 Comments

On Mar. 28, B-2 Spirit stealth bombers performed an extended deterrence mission over South Korea.

Images of the batwing bomber, surrounded by F-16s, have emerged.

B-2 over Korea

Noteworthy, the image was taken as the B-2 had its landing gear extended even if the stealth bomber performed a round-robin mission from the Continental US.

On the previous day, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces had published some interesting images, including one showing South Korean Air Force personnel using powerful searchlights during night drills.

Now (bit of humor “on”), combine the images and here’s how the stealth bomber flyover can be explained.

Poster B-2 Korean flyover

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  • Ioannis K. Erripis

    What is the point of having the landing gear extended? Is it just to deliberately augment the RCS?

    • scafidi

      My thought: make sure it shows up on North Korea’s radars so they know it’s there. Just a guess.

      • cencio4

        Maybe, but with 5 or 6 planes escorting it, there’s no need to extend the LG to increase the RCS and make sure something shows up on the radars…

        • Steve

          Like a visit to an optometrist:

          “Which is better, North Korea?

          One , or two .”

          “Be honest, North Korea. You didn’t see the figure in the middle, did you?”

          • —-


    • Vic707

      Possibly to be visible on the radar, opening the wheel bays will disrupt the stealth form of the aircraft.

      • Gridlock

        That’s how they roll