An unbelievable image proves the shape of the B-2 stealth bomber was suggested by Mother Nature

Mar 19 2013 - 16 Comments

There are pictures that don’t need comments.

The following one (actually the one above in the composite image) appeared on Reddit hours ago and was posted on various Facebook pages thereafter. It shows a bird (I’m not an expert, it looks like a falcon to me, but it could be something else…) whose profile, from that particular point of view, clearly reminds that of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

I’ve created the following composite image to show the similarities between the two “birds of prey”.

Composite image credit: The Aviationist. Images sources: and Reddit

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  • CaptBlack

    Wonder whose radar they’re trying to avoid :)

  • Try comparing with this b-2 picture. it looks even more stunning: İ’ve cut it, feel free to use.

  • the b-2 picture you used is not exactly a side view, but looks like a “4 o’clock” position. you are not looking at the tail. what you are seeing is the wing.

  • gaplant

    sometimes when 2 things look alike it’s because they came at the shape from 2 different directions for 2 unrelated reasons. Sometimes, it’s even more of a coincidence than that.
    This doesn’t “prove” much of anything, unless that bird needs to evade radar.

  • Nick

    Except the birds lifting body is inverted (bulge is on the bottom, should be on the top) Might seem small, but that’s how the plane actually does the “flying” part.

  • Fortunately after the second world war the Americans captured Horten wing and plans because otherwise the B2 bomber would not be alure he actuellement.Et do not forget either that through me 262 and V-wing, vibration problems on jet summers have rules!.

    • Nathan Peterson

      The Horten Wing, nor did any other Second World War era-aircraft have direct design influence on the B-2 program. However, Northrop’s XB-49 project (which was being developed before the Hortens had their prototypes) does have a similar wing span, and machinery layout.

  • boredagain

    Who knows…bats have radar (sonar.. same thing at different wavelengths isn’t it ?), do falcons eat bats ?

  • jm

    Cool photo but it doesn’t mean the B2 design came from nature (everyone knows it was aliens, right?). To get a flying wing with internal cargo capacity, you pretty much have to use this design, it’s just a coincidence that the beak and shape of the back are very similar, even the eye is in the same place as the cockpit glass. Ignoring the tail and various other bumps, the A-6 Intruder looks about the same in side view, although a little less sleek.

    • aba

      Its bat shaped and they study birds to find out how they sustain in air and what makes them aerodynamic then they design , they never lay hands on aliens to study ,. a lot of research and study goes in before they make one.

  • It’s not a falcon, it’s a hawk in the genus Buteo. At that angle it’s hard to determine, but it sort of looks like a “Harlan’s” Red-tailed Hawk.

  • DHardy

    Super Cool!!!!

  • DHardy

    Really My post is being moderated? saying super cool needs to be censored?

  • Fiona


  • tomaf

    you’re the only one to use the word similar, Oppie. Anyway i was referring to Ramazan Durak’s mention of a tail, not the similarity of the plane to as bird.