Watch this video: can you believe North Korea’s geriatric Air Force can “reduce enemies to ashes”?

Feb 15 2013 - 18 Comments

Can you really believe Korean People’s Army Air Force can reduce enemy to ashes?

They seem to believe it.

Mig-21 NK

In the following video, personnel of the North Korean Air Force proudly affirm that they are in full readiness to attack and annihilate their enemies at one blow. Among them: U.S. and South Korea.

Unfortunately, based on their uniform, flight gear and aircraft, the following video looks like it was filmed in the ’60s or ’70s.

Obsolete Mig-21, Shenyang F-6 and more recent (still quite old) Su-25 and Mig-29 jets would not have an easy life against ROKAF F-16s and F-15s. Not to mention U.S. fighters and bombers.

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  • ghensel

    Oh boy. It must be hard for them to look that convinced.

  • leachim

    sure, like flash gordon….

  • David – the video is current as Lee Myung Bak is the current President of ROK. Also, the video includes more recent video footage including Mig-29s and Su-25s. Perhaps the Propaganda folks mixed all different video footages together.

  • RZ

    Can you believe North Korea’s geriatric Air Force can ‘reduce enemies to ashes’?

  • Peter Wimpsey

    If you have nothing else left you have to make the best out of it. In this particular case Iran and North Korea are the same …
    home-made propagande to keep up the internal morale as economical circumstances are anything but pleasant.

  • You think the DPRK leaders care? They are lunatics.

  • They are hipsters. :-))

  • 42 of them…

  • Foil Hat wearer and Peter Wimspey seem to equate Iran in a similar boat! most different in that Iran actually posesses formidible anti Air craft weaponry. I agree that there would be a reasonablr chance of a guaranteed return sorty into Nth Korea, I dont believe the same could be said about Iran! Fact is Israel will not attack with their airforce because they know the scattered tagets are heavilly defended with first class Russian Anti Air weaponry. Furthermore Iran if attacked would probably launch ALL available weaponry on mass in the hope of target inundation! Iron Dome and Patriot missiles can only shoot down so many missiles so quickly, launch 100 missiles similtaniouslyand some are going to get in! remember that an attack on Iran will be an attack on Nuclear sites expect the same in return, War Crime for War Crime! It is known that Iran has Russian weapons that the US navy has NO countermeasures for, they admit this themselves!

    • Jeff Edwards

      Is English a second language for you? I ask because punctuation and sentence structure are essential if you want to be taken seriously here. Work on your writing, then come back. We’ll still be here.

      • Except you know he’s right. A strike on Iran in this day and age would be foolhardy.

        Would it be a war crime? Likely not. But would it be extremely costly in terms of lives and equipment? Indubitably.

  • Mike

    what you assholes don’t realize is that China will never allow North Korea to fall into the hands of South Korea and the Americans. In the event of a war China will eventually step in and defend North Korea. China will never allow the North to fall and have American soldiers right on their border, never. This is what happened during the first Korean war and it will happen again.

    • What you seem to be forgetting is that during the Korean War, Dugout Doug wanted to NUKE CHINA. Of course they intervened.

      It seems history isn’t your strong suit.

  • Dongskie

    OMG! NOKOR will turn us to ashes with MIG-17??? I’m so scared

  • otisrneedleman

    The NKAF would have a short, but exciting life against the USAF/ROKAF. After the war, a lot of Koreans could earn money bringing in all the NKAF wreckage in for recycling as soda cans, etc.

  • Lord Humongous

    Regardless, I still think MiG 21’s are beautiful aircraft. They should be in a museum though.

  • Guest

    Folks, check this out… had me ROFL when I first saw it

  • Denis George Miller

    How do you say turkey shoot in korean?