The two Koreas come close to aerial combat. Once again.

The Chosunilbo news website reported that during late October South Korean fighter jets were scrambled after North Korean planes came very close to the border.

The incident took place after Pyongyang threatened to attack the Imjingak pavilion if Seoul allowed activists to send leaflets to the North.

Chosun quoted a government source as saying “Four or Five North Korean Mig jets crossed over the ‘tactical action line’ as far south as Kaesong, prompting us to mobilize KF-16 fighters“.

The tactical action line is a virtual line that the South Korean military has designated 20 to 50km north of the Demilitarized Zone and the Northern Limit Line. It was created in so as to give South Korea the time to react to any Northern provocation.

On Sept. 21, South Korean F-15K scrambled in response to North Korea boats’ Northern Limit Line violation.

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Image credit: The Aviationist’s Tony Lovelock