Image: Israeli F-15 strike on Tehran on Day 1 of the war on Iran’s nuclear program

Mar 08 2012 - 24 Comments

Update Mar. 8 19.00 GMT

The following drawing, exclusively prepared by Al Clark for The Aviationist, shows how an attack by a formation of F-15Is on a nuclear facility located in downtown Tehran might look like.

Obviously, it is only a fictional scene, however it is quite realistic for an eventual strike on the Tehran Nuclear Research Center, that is located not far from the Milad Tower, clearly visible on the background.

Someone might argue that the first and most of strikes would be launched at night. That is true, but it is quite likely that subsequent missions would be flown during daylight conditions too. Even the surroundings of the Nuclear Research Center are probably a bit different from those depicted, the payload could be different, tanks would be dropped, altitude should be higher and so on, but please take it just as an interesting artwork.

Please note that I’ve used the word “image” on the title because it is not a drawing, nor a rendering or a photo. It is a Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

Image by Al Clark for The Aviationist

  • gaston

    it seems too low for me. i think the strike wouldd be from high altitude with intelligent bombs. but that’s just a thought

  • low level strike.
    a day one at that..
    in this day and age…


  • Jus Sayin

    How about a picture of the Iranian president on the phone saying he agrees to stop the nuclear weapon research and will open Iran to 100% inspections of their facilities 24/7.

  • Ronnie

    Did you not read!!!! Take the artwork for what it is……That it’s NOT a realistic or 100% fact this is how it will play out. 5 Stars for the Artwork!

  • To be honest David you are really letting yourself down here, if we wanted starwars we would go elsewhere, what happend to all the useful and interesting FACTUAL information the would pour from this site..

    • Stephen,
      it’s in the remaining 822 posts on this blog.

      • Matt B.


  • nico

    I think a day strike is possible, it has it’s own element of surprise. Pretty much everyone expects a night attack, a day time first strike might actually work better for the Israelis. One could expect the Iranians to be somewhat more relaxed during day time. Second and third strike would be night attacks IMO.

    I agree with Gaston that the package seems a bit low.

  • David and I are making an effort to bring concepts to visual life through mutual creativity and hard work. Aviation conceptual artists have been around since the airplane. I give David alot of credit for thinking outside the box and offering a product that goes above and beyond a little. True conceptual artists are usually limited to the likes of companies like Dassault, Boeing, and Lockheed. Well, now the Aviationist has one and we’ll be bringing you some pretty cool stuff. The artwork is based on projected, possible, scenarios. As with anything, you can’t please everybody all the time. Cheers!

    • JJ Mercieca

      Thanks for a very nice artwork. While everyone complains about how unrealistic it is, painting an F-15 at 20,000 ft dropping a paveway does not have the same dramatic effect that is shown in your art.

  • JDM

    I think it looks pretty cool.

  • Benny

    That is not how downtown Tehran looks like and Tehrans nuclear reactors are not located in downtown Tehran

    • Dude

      smart comment, thumb up Benny..
      though it doesnt need much to notice..

    • May be some scientists live there !

      Its all fictional already, why not speculate a little more :D


    if this happen that would be the spark of WORLD WARS 3!

  • no name

    This is a joke
    Who will can attack Iran?
    Israel that could not resist against unarmed Hamas in 8 days
    America that did not win in any war since Vietnam War

    • Anonmous

      And stil Amerika and Israel are here.

      American War of Independence = US Victory

      Northwest Indian War = US Victory

      Quasi War = US Victory

      Barbary Wars = US Victory

      Creek War = US Victory

      War of 1812 = Stalemate/Status Quo Antebellum

      Peoria War = US Victory

      Seminole Wars = Indecisive

      Black Hawk War = US Victory

      Texas Revolution = Texan/US Victory

      Mexican-American War = US Victory

      American Civil War = US (Union) Victory

      American Indian Wars = US Victory

      Spanish-American War = US Victory

      Philippine-American War = US Victory

      World War One = Doesn’t count since it had a limited participation, but fought O.K.

      World War Two = US/Allied Victory (Accredited for solely defeating Japan, and to a smaller extent Germany and Italy)

      Korean War = Stalemate

      Bay of Pigs Invasion = US Defeat

      Vietnam War = US Tactical/Military Victory, US Strategic/Political Defeat

      Cambodian Campaign = US Victory

      Invasion of the Dominican Republic = US Victory

      Invasion of Grenada = US Victory

      Invasion of Panama = US Victory

      Cold War = US/NATO Victory

      First Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm = US Victory

      War in Somalia = US Victory

  • mohammad

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  • Iranian

    This is so retarded because Iranians nuclear facilities are not any where near capital. some ignorant tried to make something look cool. you think it’s creative to imagine Tehran being bombed, people being killed. Iranians are very peaceful and not looking forward to a war, but if it comes down to it my people will destroy any enemy of any creed color or belief. Nothing personal, just defending our land, we are very patriotic, when it comes to defending our land and rights we hold nothing back, so if I was an Israeli or other fellow human being, I would never want anything to go down between our two countries. Peace.

  • amir S

    Imagine all the people , living life in peace…

  • Peace lover

    just find somewhere to ran away … you Israelis!

  • mogee

    May be just in photoshop, but no balls big enough to make real.

  • Maryam

    It’s a nice art work. And I think it’s OK to imagine a possible strike. But keep peace in mind. The image just shows homes that people live in. The bomb shown would just kill some family. Iranians are peaceful people if you know them.

  • Lincoln

    What a shameful glorification of war death an destruction..