[Photo] Three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers are prepared for a night mission

May 02 2013 - 3 Comments

Taken on Apr. 25, 2013, the following cool picture shows three B-2 Spirit aircraft preparing for flight at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.

B-2 Night hangars

Image credit: U.S. Air Force

The bomber, is the only aircraft that can carry large air-to-surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration, including the 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator.

Flying directly from Whiteman AFB, B-2 bombers flew an extended deterrence mission over Korea last month. Two such planes are also believed to be deployed at Guam, in the Pacific.

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  • zeniamar

    Just a simple question: Am I reading you correct, when you state that B-2´s flew over North Korea?

    • cencio4

      You are reading right, but I wrote it wrong. It’s obviously Korea (meant as Korean Peninsula, South Korea) as explained in the linked article.

  • Rocky

    It looks ok to me – I don’t see the word ‘North’ at all. I’m up with it.