Cool Red Flag 13-3 Video showing Mass Launch

Mar 13 2013 - 6 Comments
By Jacek Siminski

Here is a cool, long (18 minutes) Red Flag 13-3 video depicting well the scale of such exercise. It shows several planes taking-off from Nellis Air Force Base in order to execute their missions within the Nevada ranges.

What is worth noting is the fact that the spotters were not allowed to record the rear side of B-2 Spirit bomber, probably because of the fact that the steering operates in some peculiar clamdestine way during the take-off.

By the way, dealing with the spooky stealth bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base here below you can find an interesting image taken at Nellis by The Aviationist’s photographer Tony Lovelock.

The image shows a B-2 top side, quite a unique view of the plane banking on landing on runway 03R (as they normally come in long and level for about 20 miles).

90-0041. B-2A. Spirit of Hawaii. Red Flag 13-3

Image credit: The Aviationist’s Tony Lovelock

Beside the B-2’s back end the spotters were not allowed to record the following: Langley’s F-22s, Shaw’s F-16s, any “OT” tail, and the EC-130H.

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  • RBR

    It is interesting that the Shaw AFB F-16s were sensitive. They fly CJs don’t they. There must have been a package hung on it that was of interest or simply that the AF did not want the number of deployed birds discussed.

  • fabja190

    Had a good laugh at 2:00. Broke his camera maybe? Wife cheated on him??

  • P.

    Was wondering the same thing about the Shaw F-16s.

  • A Viper guy

    As a recent participant in a Red Flag excercise, yes the Air Force has its reasons regardless of the airframe why we do not want certain pictures taken and put in the public doman for various reasons. Before photogs with press credentials are escorted and tagged they receive a “mass’ brief on what is off-limits for photography.

  • Back in 2005, photographing the rear of the F-22 was also forbidden. I’m surprised that that prohibition was lifted for the Raptor (see the earlier 13-3 F-22 piece), but not the B-2.