Another stunning video of a B-1 bomber night launch from Nellis Air Force Base during Red Flag

Here’s another impressive video of a B-1 Lancer’s night departure during Red Flag 13-2 currently underway at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

Taken from a different point of observation, it shows one of the five Bones of the 28th Bomb Squadron (7th Bomb Wing) currently involved in the exercise, launching from runway 03R.

What’s amazing is how long the bomber keeps the reheat on after taking to the air to accelerate, compared to lighter fighter jets.

Bone night launch

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  1. I remember launching them off 8R in Honolulu. They would keep afterburners lit until they turned the corner past Diamond Head. I think they did it because they had to fly past downtown Honolulu and they wanted the city to know they were there.

  2. I’d keep ’em loud ‘n’ proud if I had my hand on the throttle. It’s not like you’re going to end up supersonic and I’m sure there is enough fuel on board to complete any sortie at Red Flag and not worry about running low. :-)

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