Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon fighter jets stopover at Malta International Airport

Sep 07 2013 - 2 Comments

Two Typhoon fighter jets on delivery to the Royal Saudi Air Force made a quick stopover in Malta International Airport.

The pair of two-seater aircraft, carrying both the Saudi codes “319” and “320” and the UK ones “ZK088” and “ZK089” arrived at Luqa on Sept. 5 and departed on Sept. 6 for Akrotiri, Cyprus (where probably someone may have mistaken them for British Typhoons deploying to the the island strategically located about 200 km off Syria to strengthen the RAF presence there).

RSAF Typhoons

The images of the two brand new planes arriving and departing from Malta were taken by The Aviationist’s contributor, photographer Estelle Calleja.

RSAF Typhoons 1

Image credit: Estelle Calleja


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