Iranian F-14 Tomcat fighter jets get a modern “splinter” color scheme

The photo in this post depicts the first Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-14AM (“Modernized”) landing at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport in April 2012.

Iran still operates some Tomcats that are being modernized to extend their operative life. Domestic upgrades include avionics, weapons (R-73E, AIM-54A+ “Fakkur”, AIM-54A, AIM-7E and AIM-9J are among the air to air missiles adapted to the aircraft’s fire control system) and color scheme: indeed the plane was give a  three-tone Asian Minor II camouflage pattern resembling the one adopted by Russian 4th and 5th generation fighter planes and U.S. Aggressors.

Image credit: Babak Taghvaee


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  1. Iran also bought the F-4 and the F-5, yet the U.S. military didn’t destroy all flying examples of these aircraft. Why did the F-14 have to be destroyed ? I hate the fact that our grandchildren will never see an F-14 fly at an airshow .

  2. why are they still making the f 14 when they have the f 18 and the f 35? plus the f 35 is supposed to be bad cos it cant do a very good minimum radius turn…… is this true?

  3. imperial Iran ,USA and Israel were once best friend and the Shah(Iranian king) was exiled by a revolution and created a Islamic republic(which is better than a monarchy) ad all the NATO weapons were given to the new Iran

  4. technology makes the bigger heavier jets obsolete and if aircraft carrier operations aren’t the aplication, then nether does the expense and maintainance complexity of the multirole jack-of-all-trades fighter/bomber pan out best for tax payers.

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