In the meanwhile in Syria Assad’s Mig-21 fighter jets are downed by rebel anti-aircraft fire

Sep 06 2013 - 7 Comments

While U.S. and Russian warships and planes are amassing in the Mediterranean Sea, the Syrian regime is still attacking Free Syrian Army positions across the country.

And rebels are shooting back with some good results.

The image in this post shows a Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) Mig-21 hit by anti-aircraft fire. The aircraft reportedly crashed and the fate of the pilot is unknown.

Days ago we noticed Syrian Migs were operating over Syria without releasing flares to deceive IR anti-aircraft missiles: a possible sign that MANPADS were not active in the area where the video was taken.

Airports used by Assad’s Air Force to launch air strikes on rebels would be among the first targets of an eventual U.S. attack on Syria.


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  • Was this a definite hit, then, and not just “afterburners” following a weapon drop/discharge, which is an explanation I saw proposed elsewhere.

  • Bill Smith


    • Burners dont leaver a flame anywhere near that large or loose. A burner flame is much smaller.

  • TheRedLeaf

    Could be afterburners but I’m noticing a missing horizontal stabilizer, it could be the angle thats fooling but… any takers?

  • cencio4

    I think this video shows it’s not a matter of afterburners….

  • Shakyderty

    This looks like a catastrophic engine damage hits from sustained AA guns (probably twin ZSU-23s) in the engine and rear fuel tanks.

  • GT182

    It’s not afterburners in that photo. Acually the afterburner when lit is not seen behind the 21. There is no ‘flame’ you can actually see if it is lit. It’s only noticeable if you are behind a 21 when it takes off… and is seen inside only. I know as we launch a civilian Mig-21 UM every Sunday morning.