In Car Dash camera captures Taiwanese AH-64E crash into residential building

Apr 26 2014 - 12 Comments

In-car camera captured the last moments of an AH-64E Apache helicopter which crashed into a residential builiding in Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

On Apr. 25, at 10.05LT, a Republic of China Army Aviation AH-64E belonging to the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade crashed into a residential building in Taoyuan county, in southeast Taiwan.

The combat chopper, coded 808, was flown by Major Chen Long Qian (1247 flying hours) with co-pilot Lt. Col. Liu Ming Hui (1034 flying hours). Both pilots escaped the incident with minor injuries.

The video briefly shows the helicopter flying in poor visibility, in an unusual attitude (maybe it hit something?), moments before the crash landing the building.

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  • Gyoz

    Taiwan is officilly ROC Repubblic of China.

  • guest

    Republic of China = Taiwan

  • P.Act

    I think the main reason of crash is that the mail pilot of this chopper’s been a Major and the co-pilot has been a Lt. Colonel !!!

  • Mr Duh

    In Taiwan. 30 of them were purchased at USD 60M each. They will be deployed if Chinese decides to land tanks as first wave of attack.

  • Akmal Bashir

    Taiwan is also known as The Republic of China. The big China is the People’s Republic of China.

  • big john ok

    Taiwan=Republic of China

  • wow

  • big john ok

    Those pilots are lucky that the Apache is built like a flying tank.

  • Correctkey

    This mishap represents the first hull loss involving an E-model, or Block III example of the Apache. Now the Taiwanese Army has 29 units from the 30 ordered. Such a waste since these are the latest variant costing USD 66.6 million each.

  • landing

    nice landing

  • Reynolds Slumber

    That must be a piece of debris that can be seen flying above, not the bulk of the helicopter itself.

  • f14rio

    How they would have survived that is beyond me!!