Video: AH-64 Apache helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Mar 21 2012 - 7 Comments

Update Mar. 21 18.20 GMT

An AH-64 Apache helicopter crashes into the ground after performing a fiesler-like maneuver at low altitude over the troops in the mountains of Afghanistan. Maybe it’s not a “crazy” maneuver as someone judged it, but still dangerous.

According to the information released along with the video, both the pilot and co-pilot/gunner survived the crash and no one on the ground was injured.

A later statement confirmed the crash occurred on Feb. 6, 2012 in the Paktika province and involved a 1-227 AvCav Regiment from FOB Sharana.

This accident reminded me of the famous Italian NH-90 helicopter that crashed in the Bracciano Lake in 2008: more or less same maneuver and same outcome. In that case, the surface of the water played a role but at least the chopper was performing during an airshow and was flown by a crew of pilots qualified for aerobatics.

  • Richard Clements

    Altitude played a part here, lack of lift due to thin air, more of a hard landing than a full on crash, good find all the same.

  • Simon

    What a moron. Why take the risk? Absolutely no need at all. Yes, I think he should be charged. Waste of a perfectly good airframe.

    • Wizz

      Obviously you’ve never been a military helicopter pilot.

  • Black Baron 085

    Is there a report from the investigation after the IT NH90 accident?
    If so, is it available?

  • Ano N. Ymous

    Is it the whole airframe throwing a few somersaults in the distance right at the end of the video? If so it’s really amazing both crew survived!

  • Vulture 26

    Dumb ass, showing off for the troops doing a “return to target” maneuver at high altitude.