Dash camera video shows Russian attack planes and helicopters at very low altitude over a highway. Again.

The Russian (and Eastern Europe) habit of having a camera in the car (a “dash cam”) results in interesting clips featuring insane stunts of Russian helicopter and fighter pilots.

The following one was posted on Youtube last month and shows both Su-25 Frogfoot aircraft and trailing Mil Mi-24 helicopters (most probably involved in a flyover or exercise) flying in close sequence near a highway, almost skirting light poles.

Considered that dash camera wide-angle lenses make objects in the scene look farther than they really are, the aircraft flying over the cars must have been really low….Russian style!

H/T to Emiliano Guerra for the heads-up

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  1. I agree with the posts of “kfz” and “Martino”!
    Looks like the aircraft are CGI to me. If you look at the textures and their movement in relation to the car.
    And as they disappear behind the bushes you are not able to see them any more between the branches, which you should, regarding the large gaps in which you can see the sky.

    And after the car has passed the bushes, the Hinds seem to be too far away for the flightpath they had before. As if they made a hop of several hundret meters behind the bushes…

    • Yep, I agree. When the jets go behind the yellow sign at 0:14, they just disappear. You should be able to see at least one of them as the yellow sign moves out of the way. Nope, they’re just gone.

      With the helicopters: after disappearing behind the line of trees, a large gap in the trees comes into view at 0:27 where you should be able to see at least the top part of one of the copters again. Nope, they’re gone. And the helicopters are not overtaking the cars at a very high rate. When you can see them again over the guard rail, they’re a lot smaller than they should be.

  2. Is it just me or is it getting to the point where practically all the interesting videos getting uploaded to the internet are from russian dash-cams?

  3. I don’t think it is fake. In 1080p you can actually see aircrafts behind that yellow sign at 0:15.

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