Here’s how the Turkish F-16 shot down a Syrian Mil Mi-17 Hip helicopter today

More details about the downing of a Syrian helicopter are emerging.

Turkish General Staff released a statement and published the radar track history regarding the incident.

Here’s how the incident unfold:

1. The Syrian Mi-17 Hip was first detected as possible intruder and immediately tracked by the Diyarbakir CAOC (Combined Air Operations Center) at 13:41 LT, while it was 26 NM (nautical miles) from the border.

2. CAOC repeatedly issued warnings to the helicopters until it was 5 NM from the border

3. The helicopter intruded Turkish airspace at 14:25 near Guvecci Gendarmerie Post at Yayladag, Hatay province at 14,200 ft and 2km depth.

4. Two F-16Cs that were on CAP (Combat Air Patrol) nearby were diverted to intercept the helicopter

5. The helicopter was shot down at 14:27 and crashed at 1km within the Syrian side of the border.

Here below you can see a video showing the Syrian helicopter falling to the ground after being hit.

And in the following video you can see the wreckage of the downed Hip.

H/T to Arda Mevlutoglu for translating the additional details about the interception

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  1. it is the helicopter that killed the people in Turkey, Syria and Turkey very close each other,not more than 5 km, and we have injured people by syrian helicopter bullets that sent from syrian lands.They shot and hit us while firing to their people while the heli in syrian lands!

    Check the news of ” HATAY ” city ”reyhanlı katliamı” (carnage)

    People angry and they should be!
    look at the video, here is reyhanlı and they are the Turkish people are burnt! it is a bomb attack!
    i am not a hater but i just fucking hate you killers in syria! this people take care of innocent syrians and here is their reward!

    i just want to tell this syrian assholes are not muslim! seriously they called themselves as muslim but they are not. if someone cause death of children, mothers, innocent people ; this is unforgivable sin in Muslim, there is no way to say they are Muslim. Burn in Hell!

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