Mi-17 helicopter flying among the buildings causes panic in Warsaw

On Jul. 27. 2013, an unusual sight in the skies over Warsaw caused some city residents to make panicked calls to the police: a huge Russian Mi-17 (Mi-171) helicopter was flying at very low altitude in the heart of the city.

It turned out that it was a chopper rented for the process of mounting an air conditioning device on a roof of one of the Warsaw banks.

Most probably cheaper than a crane, still a bit unusual to use a chopper to perform such heavy-duty task over the top of a downtown building.

Here are some pictures:

Image Credit: Mopar/Kontakt24

Image Credit: Jakub Kamiński/Polish Press Agency

Jacek Siminski for The Aviationist

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  1. This is extremely common in the US. practically a entire industry with such companies as erickson aircrane, Columbia heli, and kmax performing a lot of these types of urban lifts.

    • In fact I was. There was some concern over a shortage of mustard, but overall everyone ate their sausages in a very well behaved manor. There was no panic.
      Why do you ask? Are you in a panic right now? I hope that is not the case, and you are able to acquire sufficient sausages and condiments to satisfy you.
      Party on, Jacek.

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