Mi-17 helicopter flying among the buildings causes panic in Warsaw

Aug 02 2013 - 5 Comments
By Jacek Siminski

On Jul. 27. 2013, an unusual sight in the skies over Warsaw caused some city residents to make panicked calls to the police: a huge Russian Mi-17 (Mi-171) helicopter was flying at very low altitude in the heart of the city.

It turned out that it was a chopper rented for the process of mounting an air conditioning device on a roof of one of the Warsaw banks.

Most probably cheaper than a crane, still a bit unusual to use a chopper to perform such heavy-duty task over the top of a downtown building.

Here are some pictures:

Image Credit: Mopar/Kontakt24

Image Credit: Jakub Kamiński/Polish Press Agency

Jacek Siminski for The Aviationist

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