Amazing Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship air-to-air photoshoot

It was this July that Filip Modrzejewski and Wojciech Mazurkiewicz, thanks to the support of the Polish Army Command and 1st Army Aviation Brigade and 56 Inowroclaw AB, took these amazing air-to-air photos of Mi-24 Hind helicopters wearing their distinctive paint scheme.

The session involved two Mi-24 Hind choppers, and due to the clear weather the landscape surrounding the helicopters is incredible. If one asks how Poland looks like in the summertime – there is no better answer.

Mil Mi-24 air-to-air

The Polish Mil Mi-24 Hind have been deployed to Afghanistan alongside the Mil Mi-8 Hip; the type is operated by several air forces around the world, including the Syrian Arab Air Force, that has extensively used them against the rebels.

Mil Mi-24 air-to-air 3

In this article you can see some extremely cool air-to-air images of the Hind gunships but you can see the whole set  here.

Image Credit: Filip Modrzejewski and Wojciech Mazurkiewicz

Jacek Siminski for TheAviationist

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  1. Poland (the country of my ancestors) looks just like my home state of Wisconsin in the summertime. Those chopper pics are fantastic. I have always admired the design of the Hind. Brute force meets intelligent utilitarian usefulness.

  2. I am going to throw out a controversial proposal, why won’t our United States Army, and perhaps the Marine Corps, adopt the Mi-24/Mi-35? From my research with the Sukhoi Su-33 for our Navy and Su-35 for our Air Force, we can get licensing from Russia to build these aircraft in our country and upgrade them with our own avionics, weapons, and engines. Yes this would require a better relationship with Russia but I have a good feeling Trump will work his magic on Putin to better effect than Presidents of the past. Futhermore we are engaged in a global war on terrorism and this is our chance to ally ourselves with Russia and put aside the animosities of the past and start over on a new slate. The Mi-24/Mi-35 in use with the American Army and perhaps our Marine Corps would definitely be to our benefit and we can upgrade this helicopter with Apache/Super Cobra avionics and weaponry. In our fight against ISIS, just as how the Air Force A-10 has proven it’s value once more, the Mi-24/Mi-35 will be just as useful a platform to use by our Army and Marine Corps.

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