Video shows Syrian Mil Mi-25 gunship releasing flares. A sign that rebels got their hands on MANPADS?

The following video, shows a Mil Mi-25 Hind gunship releasing flares during a mission over Talbiseh, Syria on Aug. 15.

Flares are high-temperature heat sources ejected from the aircraft’s dispensers to mislead the missile’s heat-seeking targeting system: since the burn temperature is hotter than that at the engine’s exhaust the burning flares attract and decoy heat-seeking missiles fired at the aircraft.

Since this kind of countermeasure is used against IR (Infra-Red) air-to-air and surface-to-air missile, the fact that an Assad chopper has released flares during a flight might be a sign it was locked by a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) in the hands of the rebels.

Lately, Syrian regime helicopters have mainly operated at high altitude most probably because of the threat of anti-aircraft artillery fire (a Mig-23BN was gunned down at low/medium altitude) and MANPADS.

H/T to Damien Spleeters for the heads-up

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  1. If it was “locked” by a heat-seeking MANPAD, it would have no way of knowing; infrared guidance is done entirely with passive sensors, so there wouldn’t be any warning to the pilot prior to the actual launch.

    • Unless the crew noticed someone on the ground pointing one at them. Although it just might be a brazen Syrian with a length of sewer pipe playing a trick on them… ;-)

  2. they are just being paranoid
    thus far there is no evidence rebels have MANPADs
    I bet all the neighboring countries and USA don’t want weapon leaks in Syria like what happened in Libya/Mali
    and even Turkey gov don’t want the Kurds (PKK) getting MANPADs

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