Video: Syrian Arab Air Force Mil Mi-25 high altitude bomb attack on Daal, Syria.

New videos are emerging of the widespread use of Syrian Arab Air Force Mil Mi-25 dropping bombs on Free Syria Army (FSyA) positions.

The last one comes from Daal, in North East Syria, and (quite clearly) shows the Hind circling above the target area before releasing the bombs.

Noteworthy, whereas all the images of the Mil Mi-8/17 Hip seen in the last months showed the choppers operating even at low altitude, the most recent footages prove that the helicopters (Mi- 25 included) flying at (relatively) high altitude.

This could be the sign that the Assad gunships fear the Anti-Aircraft Artillery fire (even though the accuracy of the inexperienced rebels with these weapons has been poor, to such an extent manuals had to be uploaded on Facebook) or shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles possibly captured by the FSyA.

However there have been no reports or Strela or Igla being used against the Syrian choppers, most probably because regime forces have seized all the MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) from active units to prevent them to end in the rebels hands in case of attack or defection.

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