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New Satellite Image unveils an impressive line-up of 12 Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack jets in Syria!

A new impressive photo unveils a large presence of Su-25 attack planes at airbase near Latakia.

A new impressive satellite image has just been released.

It shows at least 12 Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes lined-up on the secondary runway at al-Assad airbase near Latakia, the same airfield hosting the four Russian Air Force Su-30SM multirole combat planes.

It looks like the Frogfoots, the Russian aircraft most suitable for Air Interdiction and potential Close Air Support missions against ISIS have eventually arrived in Syria.

They will operate alongside the Su-24 Fencer jets spotted trailing an Il-78/76 plane over Homs on Sept. 20 (not visible in the latest satellite snapshots).

According to the most recent reports, as many as 28 Russian planes have already been deployed to Syria. The question is: where are those not exposed by satellite imagery yet.

This is not the first time the Su-25 is deployed in the region to fight IS militants: on Jul. 1, 2014 seven Frogfoot attack planes operated by the Pasdaran (informal name of the IRGC – the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) deployed to Imam Ali Airbase, in Iraq, to join the ex-Russian Air Force Su-25s already delivered to Iraq in the air war against ISIS (Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

Image credit: AllSource Analysis | GeoNorth | Airbus


Impressive images of a Syrian Su-24 attack plane shot down by anti-aircraft fire

A Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) Su-24 Fencer attack plane was shot down near Nahtah village.

On Jun. 11, a Syrian Su-24 Fencer was reportedly shot down near Nahtah in the southern county of Dara, Syria.

According to the Luftwaffe A.S. website, the aircraft, a Su-24M2 operating from T4 AB or Seen AB, was hit by 23mm Anti-aircraft artillery.

Although some eyewitnesses said the pilot successfully ejected (note: the crew is made of two members, a pilot and a weapons systems officer…), the footage we have seen so far doesn’t show any parachute in the vicinity of the aircraft, broken in at least two parts.

The Syrian Arab Air Force was believed to count on 20 Su-24 Fencer attack planes at the beginning of the uprising. The Su-24s have been involved in several air strikes and operations.

One SyAAF Su-24 was shot down by an Israeli Patriot SAM (surface-to-air missile) battery after it penetrated the airspace over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Sept. 23, 2014.

 Top image via @JosephHDempsey


Extremely clear footage of Syrian Su-24 Fencer attack plane over Idlib

Clear footage of a Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer in action over northwestern Syria

The Syrian Arab Air Force was believed to count on 20 Su-24 Fencer aircraft at the beginning of the uprising. The aircraft, based at Tiyas, have been rarely filmed or photographed, even though they have reportedly been involved in several air strikes and operations.

Eventually someone managed to get an extremely clear footage of a SyAAF Su-24 Fencer that was flying over Idlib, in northwestern Syria on Sept. 7, 2014.

By the way, can you ID the weapons the aircraft is carrying in the video?

H/T Matt Fanning for the link


[Video] Here’s What It’s Like Being On The Receiving End Of A MiG-21’s bomb in Syria

Rule: if you see a Syrian warplane maneuver to drop a bomb on you, you better run!

Do you remember the video showing a Syrian Mig-29 strafe the cameraman who was filming the Fulcrum in Syria?

Here’s another footage showing a Mig-21 Fishbed drop a bomb quite close to the position of the Syrian rebel who was filming it.

Once again, better not film the attack from the target’s point of view.

H/T to @Johnnyrocket69 for the heads-up


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Syrian Air Force has “upgraded” its gunships: Mi-25 can drop double barrel bomb attack

Assad’s choppers now capable to perform dual barrel bomb attacks.

Footage released lately by SMART Syria news agency shows a Mil Mi-25 (the export version of the Soviet Mil Mi-24 Hind) dropping two improvised barrel bombs, on Free Syrian Army positions.

Since they were used for the first time in combat, single 1,500 – 2,000 lb bombs made of barrels filled with explosives, shrapnel or oil were dropped by the cargo door of the Mi-8/17 Hip helicopter or the wing pylons of the Mi-25 gunships one at a time.

Now it seems the Syrian Hinds have got the capability to drop two at a time, with doubled devastating effects: according to some sources, barrel bombs have caused some 20,000 casualties since the beginning of the uprising in 2011.


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