New Satellite Image unveils an impressive line-up of 12 Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack jets in Syria!

Sep 21 2015 - 28 Comments

A new impressive photo unveils a large presence of Su-25 attack planes at airbase near Latakia.

A new impressive satellite image has just been released.

It shows at least 12 Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes lined-up on the secondary runway at al-Assad airbase near Latakia, the same airfield hosting the four Russian Air Force Su-30SM multirole combat planes.

It looks like the Frogfoots, the Russian aircraft most suitable for Air Interdiction and potential Close Air Support missions against ISIS have eventually arrived in Syria.

They will operate alongside the Su-24 Fencer jets spotted trailing an Il-78/76 plane over Homs on Sept. 20 (not visible in the latest satellite snapshots).

According to the most recent reports, as many as 28 Russian planes have already been deployed to Syria. The question is: where are those not exposed by satellite imagery yet.

This is not the first time the Su-25 is deployed in the region to fight IS militants: on Jul. 1, 2014 seven Frogfoot attack planes operated by the Pasdaran (informal name of the IRGC – the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) deployed to Imam Ali Airbase, in Iraq, to join the ex-Russian Air Force Su-25s already delivered to Iraq in the air war against ISIS (Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

Image credit: AllSource Analysis | GeoNorth | Airbus


  • Roland Lawrence

    How does this compare to the amount of drones and fighter bombers we have in Syria?

    • Business traveller

      We have none Roland. They are all outside of Syria. Based in the Gulf, Cyprus, or Turkey.

      Now that the russians are in, there will probably be no more pussyfooting against the rebels. The lack of interdiction from the western alliance has been appalling in my view, Islamic state should be fought much harder than it is today.

  • milomonkey

    nice photoshot there…

  • SD Wheeler

    Looking for the remaining 12 Russian aircraft? Check the air base just to the northeast of Al Dabaa. Not much of a big secret.

    • Bad Day

      What do you mean ?

  • Erik Jonker

    I was wondering, who is buying all this great and recent satellite imagery for the general public. A government, an intelligence service ? It must be expensive ?

  • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

    ISIL is not linked to Al-Qaeda anymore. It’s broken off a few years ago. Al-Qaeda linked groups (such as Nusra Front) actually fight ISIL now, and are also the targets of coalition strikes.

    • AlexisWolf

      Whatever, both groups are ‘Islamic’ extremists as are the most of the foreign backed invaders on Syrian soil.

  • Peter Wimpsey

    Due to colour scheme, these Su-25s are Su-25SMs.

    • sid

      nobody cares

  • Александр Ермаков


    • Κατσαρό Πιρούνι

      Ha!! This photo seems legit.

    • Greg de la Creme

      Seem super legit, I believed it too. let me call my jewish congressman to start putting pressure on the administration.

      • chinnies

        Pressure how?

  • Marco

    Looking forward to see them all in action. What a scenario they are building in that airspace. The Syrian Air Force as a basic, NATO countries, Iraqi few SU-25, possible IRIAF assets, Arab countries AFs, Israeli Air Force with its incursions, and TuAF strikes against PKK. All fighting terrorists on the ground. Apart the fact they are not fighting each other, it finally became a 90ies video game like scenario. just the Chinese are missing.

    • The Man

      I think the Chinese are already on their way or have already arrived at Lattakia port!

  • Greg de la Creme

    So we get the pictures from the same agencies that sold us nuke in Irak… or massacre in Benghazi ? … or Serbian concentration camps for Kosovars … I see a pattern here…

    • Petrovic Dusan

      That is nonsense. What Serbain concentration camps?please name one and give a link to Hague International Tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia which mentions such”concentration camps for Albanian minority in Serbia” which you call “Kosovars”.
      Albanian minority in Serbia fought a guerilla war against Serbian police and state army with aim of changing frontiers first time after WW2 in Europe. However concentration camps are practice of Germany in WW2 and Gulag camps of Stalin’.Serbia never had any.
      Serbia was too busy fighting 21 NATO countries air aggression to ever establish any”camps”and Albanian minority(or”Kosovars”if you prefer)run for their lives in between a Serbian army and NATO bombs which killed many albanians also in at least one proven accident(Podujevo).

      • tony

        Take a deep breath and work on that reading comprehension comrade Petrovic

        • Petrovic Dusan

          As for reading comprehension, I do have official USA government certificate of reading comprehension which permits me to enter Doctor studies anywhere in USA, so I really do not see the point of your comment.
          Obviously I was frustrated to find such a lie on aviation forum

      • ODM

        Heh sounds like someone has a guilty concience ^^^

        • Petrovic Dusan

          I do not see any reason to feel guilty;
          to read on aviation forum “Serbian concentration camps for Kosovars” it is really an insulting nonsense !? Find one link that makes such allegations even distantly?
          Western major powers supporting Ukrainian state against the rebels in East Ukraina.
          The logic is that they CAN`t separate Donetsk and Lugansk and make it another country – exactly what FR Yugoslavia was trying to do in Kosovo.

  • Jan Schmidt

    spy photo was taken by Pléiades 1A or 1B dual use very-high-resolution optical Earth-imaging satellite, resolution 50 cm, and very funny fact, they were launched via russian Soyuz STA rockets out of the Guiana Space Centre, Kourou, French Guiana, in 2011 and 2012.

    Here is the group picture of 4 Su-35 (Su-27SM), 12 Su-25SM, 12 Su-24M2 …

  • Luek

    Just who makes up these crazy names for Russian military aircraft? Frogfoot? Flankers? Fishbeds? What if the F 35 were called the Corkscrew? Or the F 16 the Flopper?

    • Steven M Zerbey

      These are NATO designations, presumably easier to pronoun than the Russian name.

      “F” names are for fighters
      “B” for bombers
      “C” for cargo
      “H” for helicopters…

  • Superfly

    US needs to grow up and stop playing the spoiler role in Syria by supporting ISIS and other Saudi terror groups.