All Iranian Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes have just deployed to Iraq

Jul 01 2014 - 31 Comments

Seven Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes operated by the Iranian Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution have arrived at Baghdad to join the war against ISIS militants.

On Jul. 1, seven Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes (out of 10 believed to be operational in Iran) operated by the Pasdaran (informal name of the IRGC – the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) have completed their deployment to Imam Ali Airbase where they will join the ex-Russian Air Force Su-25s already delivered to Iraq in the air war against ISIS (Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

Su-25 IRGC Iraq

The aircraft (three Su-25UBK and four Su-25K jets) will be operated by four Iraqi pilots and 10 Iranian pilots.

According to forum member IIAF-JSF, who brought several to light, aircraft and support to fly them would be part of a military contract (backed by the U.S.) according to which Iran’s IRGC Air Force will receive six Su-30K multirole jets destined to Iraq.

Their delivery of the Iranian Su-25 has been filmed and reported by local media outlets and Iraqi MoD that has published the following video as well as the pictures you can find in this post.

Iran is believed to have joined the air war on ISIS since Jun. 21 when unidentified war planes launched heavy air strikes on the city of Baiji, north of Baghdad which had been invaded by ISIS.


  • artyom

    > The aircraft and support to fly them would be part of a military
    > contract (backed by the U.S.) according to which
    > Iran’s IRGC Air Force will receive
    > six Su-30K multirole jets destined to Iraq.


    Source please

    • Victorinox

      WTF indeed… Considering an airstrike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is still a possibility, why would the US agree to Iran getting advanced fighter jets?

      • NVN777

        there won’t be any strike. stop dreaming

      • dou44

        It is not the business of the US what Iran buys nor loans to Iraq. Why do I have a hold on message from your site?

    • Paul Iddon

      Yes I too would like a source for this. Because it would be a very important development if proven true.

    • patofeo

      I too would appreciate further details

    • Andrew Tubbiolo

      The press since Sunday has said that the Russians were delivering Su-24’s. Nobody in the popular US press got the Su-25 designation correct. Su-30’s is a bold claim. It might be true, but the press often gets these things wrong. Proper context begins with a citation.

  • BernardP

    The Su-25 Frogfoot is somewhat equivalent to the US A-10 Thunderbolt II.
    Maybe these latest developments will make the US administration rethink the A-10’s future.

    • TAG

      I had read somewhere it survived the budget axe. Last week I think that was reported. Yeah, I saw it at Beale AFB back in the day. Unique is an understatement.

    • Roland Lawrence

      Nothing beats the GAU8!!! But yeh the Russian equivalent of the A10. I think alas the A10 has a sealed fate to whisk along the replacement in the F35. Amazingly I saw in a documentary that the Frogfoot can go supersonic when clean!

    • That’s doubtful at best. They’re determined to make the same mistake they made in the early 70s when they canned the A-1 Skyraider.

    • Николай Тодоров

      A-10’s are worthy planes, but I think a smaller and faster aircraft such as the Su-25 has some advantages over the “Warthog”. Maybe USA need to think about faster, more nimble plane, with more AA evading capacity.

  • Interesting but several errors in story. 1.), Iran is believed to have 10 Su-25s, not 7. 7 Su-25K/UBKs fled Iraq in 1991 and three additional Su-25UBKs were delivered from Russian <10 years ago. 2.) Iranian Su-25s are definitely NOT of the Su-25KM variety. This was a specific upgrade developed by Georgia that has never been exported. While it is believe Georgia helped Iran maintain these aircraft after they arrived, there is no evidence or news reports to back up this claim. Also, author Tom Cooper who created/runs the ACIG Forum can back this information up, which makes me wonder WHO at the ACIG forum you got this information from?

  • Mustafa

    Those were just bought from russia, even the youtube link you used states that in arabic

    • TJ

      Incorrect. Take a good look at the video released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defence. Notice that all the Iranian markings have been painted over on the Su-25s. The giveaway ident is the nose numbers still left on and the camouflage scheme. Check out the video where Su-25 with the nose number 56 goes past the camera. 56 is serial 15-2456

      Link to image of 56 in full Iranian markings. Exactly the same camouflage if you compare the video to the image.—Revolutionary/Sukhoi-Su-25K/2067691/L

  • Aldo86Dubai

    This is mental.
    The Su-25’s Iran have sent are actually Ex-Iraqi planes that flew to Iran in 1991 to escape desert storm.
    More importantly – The frogfoots will, I believe, start hitting targets in Syria too in support of Assad’s forces.
    Huge Proxy war – Russian Pilots, Iraqi Pilots, Iranian Pilots, US UAV’s….

  • Aviatia Magazin

    But the planes will remain in Iraq after the war on ISIS. Or they will go back to Iran?

  • mo

    #Obama approves SU-30k to #IRGC a terrorist organisation by #USA. it figures

  • Aquila85

    Funny thing that these Su-25 belongs to Iraq during the 80’s and gave those fighters to Iran to seek an asylum from 1991 gulf war, but Iran claimed these for themselves and now loaning those fighters to Iraq !

  • Farzam Mir
  • ronbo

    those smoke trails are a MANPAD shooters dream. The bit about the US supporting the Iranians getting SU-30s is laughable. The Flanker family has outrageous range and the US would never support Israel’s sworn enemies getting strike aircraft with that capability

  • Silvije Kovacevic

    Saddam Hussain relocated some airplanes to Iran prior to “Desert storm” to avoid their destruction by NATO forces. Iranians decided to give them back to Iraqis because of those latest developments with ISIS. I am not sure wether that includes SU-25 or not? Does anyone have more info on that? (Edited) I’ve read your comments and got my answers, thx.

  • Tom Cooper

    ‘Mental’ and ‘ridiculous’ or not, that’s the present situation, the bottom line of which is that the USA de-facto depend on China-credited Iraq to be saved by Russian-armed Iranians. That’s a net result of decades of failed US foreign policies in the Middle East: Washington has donated or sold arms worth billions to Iraq, only to establish an army that is so corrupt that any commander demanding CAS must pay his counterparts to let their aircraft (or helicopters) fly. Even more – and more advanced – arms are meanwhile sold to such regimes like that in Saudi Arabia, supposedly for defence from Iran – which then can’t scratch together 30K of own troops to protect their border to Iraq, not to talk about there being no chance for Saudis to deploy their military into Iraq to fight the ISIS. The latter is simply impossible because there is a serious threat these troops – indoctrinated with Wahhabism (state-religion in Saudi Arabia) already at school age – defecting to the ISIS, who are hard-core Wahhabists.

    Anyway, the deal includes the IRGCASF deploying all seven of its operational Su-25s to Iraq (another example is to follow, as soon as its overhaul is complete), and deliveries of huge consignements of ammo to Iraqi Army. In exchange for this, the Iraqis are buying ‘6 Su-30s’ (that’s the number and designation reported by multiple sources amid all the possible confusion in Baghdad and Tehran) that are to be delivered to Iran in September. A group of IRGCASF pilots and ground personnel already arrived in Belarus for conversion training.

    That said, the IRGCASF meanwhile has more than a dozen of Su-25 it obtained by back in 2006. However, due to the latest round of Western sanctions and because of squandering nearly US$50 billion for saving the Assadist regime in Syria in the last three years, the regime in Tehran is actually bankrupt. Indeed, so bankrupt, most of IRGCASF Su-25-pilots have barely flown the last year or so (except for those few deployed in Syria, of course). Because of this, although all were overhauled only two years ago, only 7 of IRGCASF’s Su-25s (four single- and three two-seaters) were operational.

    With other words: through this deal the IRGC is going to get the finances it needs to survive too… which prompts one to wonder: what to hell were then sanctions against Iran meant to effect (except angering the UAE, which has lost over $50 billion in earnings in the last three years, because it cannot export to Iran any more)?

  • Marco

    Shuffle your used weapons, your politics and your money. Nice!
    Indian-loaned Su-30k going back to Russia after the delivery of Su-30mki, given (sold?) to Belarus then transferred to Iran which transferred part (if not all) its Su-25 which were flown to Iran during Desert Storm 23 years ago and the same planes were used 26 years ago to bomb Iranian positions. Maybe they will be used to bomb targets inside Syria too. These planes really wrote the story.

  • dou44

    I don’t the Iranians are going to be fooled by the US lie machine out of DC again.

  • PhantomFlash

    Yes, and also Anyone who honestly thinks the U.S. is fighting the good fight against terrorists, needs to just put a gun to their head and pull the trigger and stop thieving the rest of the human race’s oxygen.

  • Greg

    Iran bought some new Su-25s around 2006.

  • big john ok

    you know the ISIS is evil when former foes team up to fight against.

  • P.Act

    But Su-25 looks quite similar to A-9. The Russian always have stolen the basic plans of their air planes ( fighter or commercial or passenger jets ) from the western countries, especially from the US. Only they apply some little changes to claim it was not a copy. You can see this in Tu-160, Tu-154, Tu-140 and Su-25, as well as some other planes….

    • big john ok

      also dont forget the TU-4

  • Håvard Larsen

    It was Nigeria whom bought those Su-30K’s.
    Russia has just anounced that they will shut down their Su-25 prod line for good.
    Russia will keep upgrading and exporting whatever fleet they have left of the Su-25’s.