Two Ukrainian Gunship helicopters shot down by MANPADS in Eastern Ukraine

May 02 2014 - 7 Comments

Two Ukrainian Armed Forces Mi-24 helicopters shot down in Donetsk Oblst.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, two Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopters were shot down by “unknown persons by means of man-portable air defense system (PZRK)” overnight into May 2.

As a result two servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed forces died and several were injured.

Furthermore, one Mi-8 Hip helicopter of Army Aviation, Ukrainian Armed Forces, was damaged by small arms fire.

Whilst four persons were arrested for the downing, it is clear that MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) are going to be a factor against poorly equipped (and trained?) Ukrainian gunships. Maybe it’s time for Kiev to dispatch some more survivable Su-25 Frogfoot jets.

Here below an image showing the Mi-8 hit by small arms fire:

Small arms sign on Mi-8

Image credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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  • Ed

    That happened quicker than in Syria… Is it that easy to get arms in Ukraine then?

    The loss of gunships is unfortunate for Ukraine, but it really sucks that men had to die for this… Rest In Peace..

    If anything, this will likely turn more of Ukraine against those with a pro-Russian sentiment. The neocons seem to be much, much more tactful.

    • Krisjanis

      Russia wants you to believe that pro-russian terrorists bought those AA weapons from a local convenience store.

      But on a serious note, yes it is easy, because russia is supplying them.

  • Sweddo

    Looks like the rivet is missing. What are the odds of hitting that rivet if the helicopter is travelling at 100kts? I do not doubt that Ukraininan helicopters have been shot at, but that hole is sitting exactly in the middle of two rivet heads and in the same line as the other rivets. Not likely to be a bullet hole. If the hole had been sitting between the rivets, penetrating the sheet metal of the tail boom it would be more plausible.

  • OG_Locc

    There’s a video on Liveleak this morning…

    …where you can hear one of the helicopters being shot down. You can only see it in the far far distance, but the sounds are chilling. Crank up the volume. This was in the comment section, and it jives with what I heard in the video:

    Looks like the action has happened before the start of filming. Listen to the
    audio – at 0:07 there’s the sound of a tube-launched weapon (ejection
    charge then rocket ignition). At 0:14 there’s an initial explosion
    (warhead) and secondary explosion.

    The chopper is already falling when the video starts so the sound delay
    indicates that it must be at least 5 km away from the camera guy.

    Chopper disappears at 0:10 and then at 0:26 there’s another impact sound (chopper hitting ground) so the chopper is just about 5 1/3 km or 16 seconds sound delay from camera guy.”

  • Ara Rezaee

    A potato could show a better leadership than Obama

  • Acta Publica
  • Greg

    Good point, this has happened now that the Kiev regime is waging war on its own people. They overthrew the last, democratic government and many military arsenals were looted by the neo nazi groups who are part of the Kiev regime.