Video of Syrian Helicopter surving a surface-to-air missile hit becomes a controversial commercial

Nov 11 2013 - 4 Comments

Footage from the Syrian Air War, showing a Syrian Mi-8 helicopter hit by a surface to air missile was turned into a commercial by a Ukrainian company.

In order to showcase the resilience of their products, Motor Sich, a large aircraft and helicopter engine manufacturer has created a controversial advertising campaign based on the scene of a Hip helicopter (one those aircraft equipped with their engines) surving the direct hit of an IR guided missile in Syria.

Not all Assad’s choppers were so lucky.

The slogan at the end of the commercial is related to the Syrian war: the “Motorsich Akbar” (with Akbar meaning Great in Arabic) hits off the “Allah Akbar” that can be heard repeated endlessly by the rebels in most, if not all, war videos coming from Syria.

H/T to Andriy Pryymachenko for the heads-up

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  • Trax The Wonder Cat

    Laughed my ass off. The motor might still work but I am almost certain that the crew needed new underwear.

  • John J. Mercieca

    Hope an airstrike, preferably with FAE bombs, was tasked on that building

  • AQ

    I thought I’ve seen this before…

  • BernardP

    Seems like every third word shouted by the shooters is “Allah”. Food for thought on the future of Syria…
    On that occasion, though, Allah seems to have decided that the chopper crew was worthy of staying alive.