[Video] Iranian F-4 Phantom testing Qader air-to-surface missile

On Sept. 25, Iran unveiled two new domestically produced air-to-surface missiles: the Qader and Nasr.

Whilst Nasr is a short range missile, Qader, derivative from Chinese C802 supersonic ASM (Anti-Ship Missile), is believed to be a cruise missile with a range of about 200 kilometers.

The following interesting video shows the testing activity conducted by an Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-4 Phantom with the new missile. Including a successful hit.

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  1. 1- Iran air force as far as I know is the only air force to use Boing 747 as well as Boing 707 as tankers

    2- this wasn’t the whole complete clip it was cut too short and became confusing, there were two different kind of missiles tested, one Nasr which is short range hypersonic and one Qader (which we saw to fly in this clip) which is a cruise missile with mini jet engine and flys low

    3- passing through scafolding means hitting bulls eye

  2. That 747 is a a tanker, IRIAF uses 707 and 747 as tankers.

    Iranian military industry uses English as its scientific language and the missile DID HIT the target that scaffolding tower is supposedly an enemy ship and the missile went right through it.

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