Iran’s Air Defense Force Displays Indigenous Radar System Capable to Detect Stealth Aircraft

Sep 22 2013 - 21 Comments

On Sunday Sept. 22, 2013, during the annual military parade in Tehran that marks the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, Iran displayed a new indigenous passive phased array radar system for detecting stealth targets and cruise missiles.

According to Iran’s FARS News Agency, the radar systems was developed by the experts of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base in order to detect fast moving targes at any altitude and speed.

The tactical radar system has been dubbed “Silent Radar System” because it acts passively: it does not emit any radar wave and can’t be detected by the enemy systems.

Furthermore, it can be moved quite easily and can be installed in a short time.

Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli said “The radar is capable of detecting stealth (radar-evading) targets and cruise missiles and enjoys a high movement and mobility capabilities and acts in different ranges,” FARS reported.

Actually, this is not the first time Iran announces a new radar system capable to detect radar-evading planes, cruise and ballistic missiles: in May 2012, the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) Aerospace Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh announced a 1,100 km range radar system, called Gahdir, designed and built to identify aerial targets, stealth planes and low-altitude satellites.

Still, at least according to what the U.S. Air Force has recently disclosed, in March 2013, Iranian radars were unable to detect F-22 Raptors flying a few miles off their coastline: one the U.S. stealth fighters intercepted two F-4 Phantoms without them noticing it until the American fighter jock radioed: “you really ought to go home!”

In December 2011, Tehran announced that the country had installed advanced radars capable of detecting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): according to what Iran claimed, they could detect, track and shoot down any drone violating their airspace.

Anyway, in December 2011, Iran somehow managed to capture an RQ-170 Sentinel and later they proved to have put their hands on some smaller ScanEagle UAVs.

Top Image: Photo File of Iranian Radar Unit (credit PressTV)

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  • ask2wice

    Yeah, and if you believe this Iranian radar can detect U.S. stealth aircraft, I have some swampland I can sell you in Florida! But they do have a very dangerous air force. Check out one of their top fighter jocks:

    • Sae

      oh, that looks like one hell of an interceptor
      but i bet that’s not an iranian jet pilot
      1- as you should have learned from this blog iran can’t design anything,
      they just copy their things from US and Russians (which is a very
      intresting point) and since non of them have designed such flying thing
      iran can’t make a copy of it !!
      2- and look at the way he’s dressed

      That’s surely an SAF jet pilot and that’s how they use their Typhoons

  • LarsGunther

    A passive system by definition is something else than a radar, isn’t it?

    If the image is supposed to be this new system it should detect radio emissions from the aircraft, thus it can not detect a Raptor flying with its radar turned off. Considering how the Raptor’s radar is constructed I doubt it would be able to triangulate it even if it is turned on.

    And while a passive system can not be detected it can most definitely be fooled by false emissions…

    This seem to be a morale booster for internal consumption, nothing else.

  • Michaël SES Svejgaard

    To me it looks like a 3D model made in SketchUp, and how on earth can it detect an object without transmitting? Then it would have to relie on emission from the target, in which case it is not a radar but a passive ELINT interception system.
    Michaël SES Svejgaard

  • Subcy

    SKYGUARD LR radar on photo.

    • ask2wice

      See REAL picture of SKYGUARD LR below. Seems the Iranians did a little bit of photo-shopping on this, their latest joke – one of many they keep on throwing out to the world to try and convince us of their “invincibility”. But the radar dish section does have the same number of “T” receivers. 8! A coincidence???

      On a side-note, at least they finally admitted that they are indeed deep into a nuclear weapons development program. This is kind’a breaking news, so if you haven’t seen it yet take a look at the interview conducted with what looks like one of their clerics and recently aired on Iranian television. I posted the Youtube link below. FYI:


    SKYGUARD LR radar on photo.

  • OG_Locc


    Here is the only part that’s correct:

    “it does not emit any radar wave”


  • Mor

    Detecting Stealth Aircrafts is not as hard as you people think, VHF radars have proven effective against stealth targets as their long wave length overwhelms special shapes of these aircrafts and since long iran is in position of both domestically made and imported VHF radars one most important of which is NEBU SVU radar

    read this about detection of stealth aircrafts:

    following is the nebu radar in iran, and dont easily buy anything from USAF, that episod definately took place but nothing like what USAF “Supermanly” describes

    • OG_Locc

      ” that episod definately took place but nothing like what USAF “Supermanly” describes”

      LOL. Really? And you know this how? The uber-reliable Fars news agency?

  • David Henderson

    Project Shadowchaser (not the movie) was a passive radar system that used radio signals from everything from cell phones to satellites and even space noise to track air craft. It did so by tracking the ‘shadow’ the air craft made when it fly between the radio source and the receiver. At the time the computing power needed to run the system was the big draw back with it. But now as computing power has jumped so much such systems will be come more and more common place. I have heard that maybe stealth air craft would show up even better on such systems than non- stealth air craft because stealth air craft would block and absorb even more of the background single making it stand out even more. All the stealth tech will be out dated and useless in a few more years.

    • displacedjim

      The usual nomenclature for a radar system like what you describe would be “bistatic” or “multistatic” radar, not “passive” radar. And even if such early warning systems like bistatic radar or LVHF radar (as mentioned in another comment) are more successful at detecting and tracking LO aircraft, that is merely just the beginning of the kill chain. LO is not “out dated and useless” until after whatever threat we are using it against can complete an intercept against the LO aircraft, and even then that only serves to put the threat back into a less-than-completely-one-sided situation. That will be decades from now at a minimum.

  • EdwardInFlorida

    And if you bozos believe the story of F-22s flying so close to the Iranian coastline taunting F-4 pilots, I have some super flashy condos on Mars I can sell you for pocket change. Don’t believe this propaganda. Stories like these are written by frustrated right wing nut jobs in an attempt to make other countries look bad.

  • Larkins Dsouza
  • happy crow

    die of anger, iran is on it’s path to become a major hi tech weapon builder. crack all jokes you want you just show you are scared. because this adversary doesn’t fight with AK47 and RPG mind you even those who do like Taliban defeat Americans.

  • tbenton62

    Of course, just like their vaunted stealth fighter, right?

  • Alex Walker

    None of you know anything about Iran or radar systems. You just want to think Iranians are bunch of sand n***s who don’t know anything about science. Keep going with those pathetic beliefs. If you want to mock them do it cleverly not like a low life troll.

    Check this out in the mean time: ( )

  • shoopi

    The link annonce also another radar

  • vegass04 .

    What a bunch of bullshit. Yes some passive radars are capable of seeing that something is in the air but they cant detect the threat’s speed, course or range and they sure as hell can’t guide a missile to the target. But if the hostilities break out I can tell you there will be stealth jets flying around and I don’t have a radar at all.. What a bunch of idiots these goat herders are.. Russians were claiming the same, that they have a radar that can see stealth any time any where and they claimed that stealth is useless technology but then all of a sudden puff – here we have Russkies developing their stealth fighter jet (not to succesfully if I might add)..