[Photo] Twenty five F-117 Stealth Jets flying together

Sep 14 2013 - 12 Comments

The Lockheed F-117A, world’s first operational stealth aircraft and one of the most secret planes ever developed, only flew after darkness until its existence was publicly acknowledged in 1988.

Then, the veil of secrecy on the “Nighthawk” was gradually lifted and the stealth fighter jet (actually, an attack plane) regularly flew in daylight and later began taking part to airshows.

Although it’s not clear who took it (it must be an Air Force image) and where it was taken, the photo in this post is quite impressive: 59 production aircraft (one of those was lost to the Serbian Air Defense during “Operation Allied Force“) served with the U.S. Air Force until the type was retired in 2008 and slightly about half of them can be seen flying together in the image.

Image credit: via Tom Demerly Pinterest/zonamilitar.com.ar

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  • Milan

    I wonder if they are still invisible to radar

  • StanSki

    I was talking with a friend who was an engineer on the project the other day who told me that when the Air Force announced they were “working” on the Stealth F-117 they actually had 50 located at Area 51. Never trust your government ;o)

    • Anthony J. Mitchell

      Why never trust the government with regards to stealth aircraft? Why is it a need to know for the public when these aircraft were in development? You knowing about it serves no purpose beneficial to anyone in the government or even to yourself. It only serves foreign nations to know about this and any black project.

  • tbone

    Stealth fighter has been retired?

    • Pooter Bilbo

      yes. Obviously though, there are other stealthier aircraft in the inventory now.

  • Bjørnar Bolsøy

    Amazing. As a complete coincidence: I casually browsed this Youtube clip on Friday the 13th.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXxh2p7P1mA

    • Justmyside

      Exactly why when Bagdad got bombed the F-117 was so successful :)
      Not only did it evade radar, but here you have 25 coming right over top & you don’t hear them until they are already over top & have dropped their bombs & are getting out of the target area.
      If any Iraqies did hear them coming, bombs would have been blowing up around them & by time they started up with their double & triple A, these jets would have been away from the target area, but with being able to hear them as they pass & are flying away, it would give the illusion in all of the confusion that they were starting their bombing runs , not finishing.
      In which the Iraquies would have lighted up the sky over Bagdad with everything they had, & as we all saw on CNN that’s exactly what happened, with these fly boys getting to watch the show in there rear view mirrors loll t the

  • avionslegendaires

    would it not rather a montage made ​​with photoshop?

  • Justin Watson

    Cue Star Wars empire music.

  • avaiteer

    Possibly taken directly over White Sands Missle Range landing strip. Looking to the North

  • The flight of 25 was a significant event. The color was changed to be less visible at dawn and dusk.

  • Tyson Rininger

    This was shot during the Silver Stealth 25th Anniversary formation flight at Holloman AFB in 2006.