The most interesting South Korean aircraft and weapons systems at Seoul Air Show 2013

Last weekend, Cheongju International Airport hosted Seoul Air Show 2013 an event linked to the International ADEX (Aerospace & Defense Exhibition),  that will be held from Oct. 29 to Nov. 3 in 2013.

The event, one of the most interesting in the Asia Pacific region, provided an opportunity to have a close look at the main South Korean Air Force aircraft some of those developed by Korea’s aerospace and defense industries.

Photographer Rodd Pacion attended the air show and took the following interesting shots.


Above: ROKAF HH-47D in Special Ops config with enlarged fuel tanks, nose mounted radar, SAR hoist and a FLIR pod.

Korean Air HH-60P Pave Hawk

Korean Air HH-60P Pave Hawk. Korean Air (대한항공)’s aerospace manufacturing division built a total of eight HH-60P Pave Hawks for the ROKAF.

MIM-104D PAC 2 Patriot, Heavy Anti Aircraft Surface to Air Missile Launcher

A U.S built MIM-104D PAC 2 Patriot, Heavy Anti Aircraft Surface to Air Missile Launcher.


ROKAF F-4E Phantom

Beechcraft MQM-107D Streaker

Beechcraft MQM-107D Streaker, Target Drone


T-50 Golden Eagle




Kamov Ka-32 Helix, locally designated as HH-32A. This was one of 7 former Russian Air Force Ka-32s delivered to South Korea by Russia as payments for the money they borrowed from S.K back when the Soviet Union still existed. Note the white firefighting system.



Top Image: F-15K Slam Eagle as the ones that took part to the Red Flag last year in Nellis Air Force Base.

Image credit: Rodd Pacion


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