[Video] This is what taking a direct tank shell hit looks like!

Oct 30 2013 - 17 Comments
  • Remy Schrader

    Fin-Stabilised rounds are purposed for armored targets, so why expend this ammunition against an infantry target?

    • shooter2009


      Because they can, that’s why.

    • cencio4

      Since the cameraman survived the hit (or at least his camera did) we can’t rule out the possibility he was next to an armored vehicle that was the actual target of the tank.

    • TG Brown

      Could have mistaken the camera or something in the building as a rocket launcher or RPG, or he could have just not wanted to be filmed that day.

    • phuzz

      That might be the only ammo they have available, or perhaps the crew isn’t trained to know the difference. Or, as others have pointed out, they were shooting at an armoured target, or that was what was in the breach at that moment.
      Possibly they were shooting at a building and thought that AP was the correct choice.

    • Taggart

      Syria’s probably not getting a lot of resupply, so perhaps the tanks are running low on shells and are firing whatever is available?

      Can Syria manufacture 125mm rounds on their own?

    • Stephen Daugherty

      The man firing the shell doesn’t need to answer that question to fire it, or even answer it correctly. “Bad mood”, however irrational it is, could be a sufficient reason for some.

    • Mohamed Al Saadoon

      I believe it’s very very hard to unload a round in the T-72’s autoloader system and even if it was simpler, most tankers shoot whatever is in their breech as it takes too much time to switch shells in a pinch.

  • TG Brown

    Yeah, don’t think you need to be that accurate with a shell like that.

  • John

    looks fake to me. the russian 9m119 has 4 fins. that looks like the US project for a mid range munition xm1111

    i know i have seen that video of the shell before. i want to say on a show about Picatinny Arsenal.



    • Matt Sturgeon

      I agree something seems fishy with the tank video. At the very least I think the camera was static and unmanned. It never moves. Most likely the guys saw the armor rolling in and pointed the camera at its expected firing area and took off as quick as possible. Then go back later and dig up the camera. I honestly don’t see how the camera wasn’t destroyed unless it was looking thru a sniper hole much farther away or something.

      • Mohamed Al Saadoon

        Syrian rebels have a bunch of unmanned cameras feeding footage via wire to operators. Let’s them know about Syrian Army movements.

    • Maloney Frank
  • Remy Schrader

    Confirmed: It’s a fake.
    I’d say the footage of the tank firing is the real deal, but that crisp shiny round was rendered.

    • Jonathan Colvin

      He’s a ballistics expert, not a photography expert. Extreme telephoto flattens depth of field in just this way. Head-on, the projectile is barely moving in frame, and this is exactly what you would expect to see. You can even see some supersonic shockwave around the projectile. Not fake.

  • Maloney Frank

    that is not APFSDS, that’s a HEAT round

  • Caddy Jim

    There’s no movement of the camera, so I wonder if the camera is even their & if he was did he survived cuz his camera was lucky enough to survive since the tanker crew used the WRONG type of shell…
    Because you can have the weapons but if your not trained & Don;t know how to use them what good are they going to do. Most Mid-east Military’s are undertrained & 3rd Rate…