New video shows deadly MANPADS hit on helicopter in Syria

Sep 16 2013 - 5 Comments

Emerged on Sept. 15, new footage allegedly shows a helicopter being shot down over Nubbol (a small town in northern Aleppo province) Jun. 30, 2013 by rebels using an FN-6 MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System).

Developed in China, the FN-6 is a third generation passive IR (Infrared) surface-to-air missile with a range of 6 km and a maximum altitude of 3.5 km.

Several MANPADS are in the hands of the Free Syrian Army that is using them to shoot down Assad’s planes and helicopters.


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  • XBradTC

    Can you share why it’s claimed as a helicopter, vice a fixed wing? Judging from the speed and the size of the fireball, I’d have thought it was a jet that crashed.

    • JoeSchmo

      Agreed, looks like a fixed wing to me as we’ll.

  • marc aussure

    Can any suppose as to the source of these FN-6? Supplied by eastern groups (AL) or western governments?

  • SpellWell

    Awful video. I never saw a target get hit, only a burning streak hitting in the distance.

  • Stoney Huff

    A REAL SHAME, that the supply of MANPADS has apparently dried up to the hero patriots of the FSA. no scuzzball terrorists there.
    Later in 2013, Assad’s helicopters were pushed to the limit, with maximum payloads at every sortee, venturing over utterly defenseless residential areas to
    roll out 55 gallon drum bombs, some with fins welded on, each now weighing 2,000 lbs.
    From photos of the wreckage, it seems these can knock down a section of the typical 5 story apt building in Syria before even exploding. Dropped from about 600 feet for terminal velocity.

    2,000 civilians killed by these things just in May 2014.
    “Terrorists” that are typically families buried under collapsed buildings, or incinerated in the street.