The Pasdaran have published on Twitter how they would attack a U.S. ship in the Strait of Hormuz

May 22 2014 - 58 Comments

The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution have used the social network to make public their plan to attack enemy ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

The IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), the branch of Iran’s military whose role is to protect Tehran’s Islamic system, have published on Twitter an interesting drawing showing how they imagine an attack to an enemy warship entering the Persian Gulf.

The plan is use several different weapons systems in a coordinated attack opened by high speed boats, used to create a diversion.

According to Good Morning Iran blog, that translated the text accompanying the rendering, the plan assumes that Iranian high speed boats, equipped with missiles and mines, and disguising themselves as normal fishing boats, would carry out an initial attack against the enemy ship.

While facing the boats, the U.S. warship would be attacked by Iranian submarines, baked by IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) warplanes, including some F-14 Tomcat jets with indigenous modifications (most probably providing some sort of air superiority in the vicinity), followed by ballistic missiles.

The latter could be the two types showcased during an exhibition held by the IRGC on May 11.

The new home-made ballistic missiles, an upgraded version of the solid-fuel, supersonic Iranian anti-ship missile dubbed Persian Gulf equipped with a 650-kg warhead, are dubbed Hormuz 1 and Hormuz 2.

Both missiles are believed to be more powerful than the Persian Gulf, with the Hormuz 1 being an anti-radar missile with a range of 300 kilometers.


Image credit: Tasnim News Agency

That said, the plan is obviously quite optimistic, as it considers a U.S. warship as an isolated unit, whereas the latter may operate within a large, powerful and very well defended Carried Strike Group, which includes an aircraft carrier, destroyers, supporting vessels and, often, a nuclear submarine, whose task is, among the others, to defend the Group from underwater attacks.

Anyway, the plan and the mock aircraft carrier being built by Iran are a sign Tehran is focusing on developing tactics to defeat the U.S. Navy in the Gulf. Not an easy task though.

Update May 23, 2014, 22.20 GMT:

A reader has found that the image posted by the Pasdaran on Twitter is an infographic posted in the past by the Wall Street Journal. IRGC replaced the English text with Farsi: therefore, even if it’s not their original work, the fact they translated and published it on Twitter means they consider it accurate and most probably coherent with their plan.



Top image credit: IRGC


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  • Hentro

    The only thing is now we can use the rolling airframe missile to defend against these flying boats instead of harpoons and guns.

    • Irany

      OK buddy so what will you do for the hundreds of missiles that are flying Towards your favorite ships?? Those that are launched from Iran’s desert not Iran’s shore. Do you think this is a game!! If its a game so I will inshor you that when the game stars you will be game over.

      • Hauptmann Wesreidau

        Irany, I keep going into hysterical laughter at your posts (they are comedy gold), but it’s suddenly dawned on me that you might be serious?

  • Ara Rezaee

    @cencio4:disqus let this @disqus_gjFQA5gH7C:disqus guy say whatever he wants to say, I’m okay if its directed to me.

  • Irany

    Don’t forget these were represented six years ago and how much there
    advanced now who knows. And don’t forget that Hezbollah shot tow of
    Israeli navy ships with Iran’s missiles. Like this picture below that is
    Sa’ar one of Israeli navy ship that was destroyed by Hezbollah.

  • Rupert Behrmann

    Yep tomcats look cool but aren’t very good in a dogfight. Any iranian tomcat pilot that went into the sky against F22’s would die. Also arab armies are not known for their moral or discipline so a small boat swarm attack would also fail.

    • tarvaz

      Actually the tomcat is a very good dogfighter especially in a turning fight. Our pilots in the war were out turning the much smaller and nimbler Mig-21’s or were using the Tomcats far superior weapons envelope to pick off enemies either one or two formations or even strike packiages in BVR.Granted tose pilots were trine heavily under the lorry days of the Shah when our armed forces were actually professional were we ha career soldiers and Irn was the undisputed power in the region n one of the top 4 airforces on the planet..

      • Rupert Behrmann

        There is a hell of a difference between a Mig21 and an F22 operating with awacs. Also you gotta remember that these tomcats are not well maintained and rarely fly. And more importantly the criteria to be a tomcat pilot won’t be on who is the best at flying but who is the best at remembering the koran.

  • Irany

    yes I know like this.

  • ThatOneGuy

    And THAT, my friends, would be the end of Iran as a country.

  • damon

    that’s wrong,thats just a translation of the infography wall street journal released and it is to much old