[Video] Here’s What It’s Like Being On The Receiving End Of A MiG-21’s bomb in Syria

May 12 2014 - 19 Comments
  • Cemberk Miçooğulları

    Does it show that Syrian pilots quite capable???

    • Me

      all they do is use crappy Russian planes on their own civilians

      • sad but true…

        That is not they civilians – that is Al-Qaeda… but you cant know that because you info yourself trow the CNN and other brainwashing media …

        • Cody3/75

          Speak English….

      • James Wolf

        Own civilians…. No my friend, they are terrorists!

      • John snow

        Brainwashed merican :D they use bombs on rebels supported by USA, armed by USA aswell

        • Cody3/75

          Yep, and your sources for this are what? Oh right, you don’t have any. Who’s brainwashed?

        • OG_Locc

          You should spend some time on Liveleak, looking at all the dead women and children that died as a result of barrel bombs and artillery by Assad’s forces.

      • woof

        Those people are not civilians for sure,they are terorists (you call them freedom fighters just because they fight for your interests) brought by your country to make problems so you could legaly enter and take what is not yours (like oil,just like in Iraq) and put your military bases even more closer to Iran,Russia…

        • Cody3/75

          You’re a full blown moron. Anybody who still thinks the US went to Iraq for oil deserves to spend some time there. Thats what happens when you buy into anti-US bullshit instead of looking at the facts.

          Hint: Do some research on Iraqi oil refinement and exportation from 2003 to the Present.

          • woof

            that dont change fact that those people are teorists not civilians as you presenting them

        • OG_Locc

          There are plenty of foreign terrorists in Syria.

          However, the vast majority of those killed in this conflict have been civilians – killed by indiscriminate shelling from both sides. That is a fact that’s not even debatable.

          Was this plane *trying* to bomb terrorists? Probably. Did it actually hit any of them? Not likely.

      • Marco

        Not really. They use highly sustainable fighters, that keep flying under such difficult conditions like what Syria is today at a fraction of the cost of the US or Israeli war machine. Even before the war, Syria was a country with little to none aircraft support abilities.

        Do you think that those shiny Eagles in Saudi service or Vipers in Emirati service would still be able to fly under similar circumstances?

        It’s a choice. Russian designs from the 70ies nowadays are a better choice for a country who is fighting a politically incorrect civil war.

    • OG_Locc

      I’m not sure releasing unguided ordnance while in a hard bank is standard operation procedure.

    • Marco

      Talking about ground attack with a non dedicated platform and unguided munitions.. probably better than any US or Israeli pilot GIVEN WHAT THEY HAVE: I don’t think any US fighter pilot could do much better using a point defense fighter designed for high speed interception with unguided bombs in the ground attack role.

  • Greg

    Foreign jihadi terrorists are hardly “their own civilians”. They are America and Saudi’s people.

  • CLKane15

    He just sort of flung one out there before he was wings level. I can’t believe this Mr. Allahu Akbar camera guy hasn’t been killed yet. He just keeps on going……lol.

  • pdraf

    Mig-21 is not really (in matter of fact not even close) a ground strike plane. Pilot is flying in this one pretty safe. Idk what the hell are you talking about.

  • Swiftright Right

    Video link is dead