Video of Su-22 releasing flares during attack shows Syrian pilots are becoming concerned of surface to air missiles

Oct 22 2012 - 1 Comment

Reportedly filmed on Oct. 20 at Maarat Al-Nouman, Idlib, where Syrian Arab Air Force planes have been concentrating their missions lately, the following video shows a Su-22M-4K involved in a bombing run against the Free Syrian Army units that have taken control of the main road to Aleppo cutting off Assad supply route.

Noteworthy, the Syrian attack plane releases several flares, aerial infrared countermeasures made of a composition based on hot-burning metal used to counter heat seeking surface-to-air missiles: flares generate temperatures equal to or hotter than engine exhaust attracting the missile’s seeker head.

Many videos from Syria have shown Assad warplanes flying over Damascus and other Syrian towns without worrying too much about MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems).

SA-7 Grail (or Strela-2) and one those reportedly in the hands of the FSA could have downed the Mil Mi-8/18 Hip gunship filmed exploding mid-air after being hit near Idlib few days ago.

H/T to @hlk01 for the heads-up