Russian military prosecutors to probe Sukhoi Su-24 combat plane insane low pass over a highway

Sep 07 2012 - 5 Comments

According to the Interfax news agency, military prosecutors will investigate flight records and safety measures carried out at military airfields after the video of a low level flying Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer went viral and it was shown on Russian national television.

Filmed from a car dashboard, the footage showed the Russian Air Forcetwin-engined two-seater attack plane zooming low over a highway between Volgograd and Kalach-on-the-Don, Russia.

On Sept. 6, a fleetwide grounding was ordered after a Mig-29 Fulcrum crashed in Siberia.

According to the AFP news agency, famous Russian test pilot Anatoly Kvochur said that the maneuver was “normal training”.

“The more pilots we have like this, the better,” he added.

The Su-24 was designed to perform ultra low level strike missions. So, it was surely doing what it does better.

Still, it’s not safe to fly that low on a highway in peacetime, during a training mission. Among the other things, a fast moving plane buzzing the cars could divert drivers attention.

Anyway, here below you’ll find the full version of the video.

  • It’s rather interesting that a Su-24 would buzz one of the few cars in Russia with a dash cam.

    • Rocco Z

      Yeah, I just saw the one with the Helicopter and they looked very similar maybe computer generated

  • Nick

    Many cars in Russia have dash cams (often for insurance reasons), check out youtube for “russian dashcam” to see some insane videos.

  • IHB
  • Bill G.

    I disagree with Anatoly Kvochur that this is OK. If the jet developed a problem and crashed into a family out on holiday, would he still be in agreement that the low/fast pass over a highway was a good thing to do?

    I understand that flying low is a necessary tactic. Keep it on the test & training range where it belongs. If an airshow atmosphere about it is allowed to develop, pilots will start trying to top each other until something tragic happens.