Fighter jets Insane Highway Operations – Belarusian Style

Everybody remembers the videos posted on youtube  in September last year, featuring the insane stunts of Russian helicopter and fighter pilots.

The Eastern cultural phenomenon of having a camera in the car (a “dash cam”) results in often bizzare or interesting clips, that have several thousands hits on YouTube (like the recent one showing a meteorite over Russia).

Lately the topic of highway operations has also been mentioned on TheAviationist, regarding North Korean and Polish use of highways as landing strips.

Nevertheless former parts of Ivan’s empire are not behind what is shown in the following clip.

What is different about this video recorded on Apr. 9, 2013, is the fact, that the landing planes seem to ignore the traffic! The video shows cars passing by and two Su-25 Frogfoot jets landing as if it was an ordinary, everyday procedure.

The gear of both the planes is clearly extended as the jets fly at extremely low level over the traffic: even if they were not actually landing, they are dangerously close to the cars below them.

Indeed, it is said that back in 2007 Su-27s and MiG-29s  did land on the very same highway, but back then the road was closed for civilian traffic.

Here’s the video, enjoy:

Belarusian Su-24, Radom Air Show 2009. Image Credit: Jacek Siminski

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