[Infographic] Breakdown of the U.S. Air Force stand down

Apr 16 2013 - 4 Comments

Prepared by Al Clark the following exclusive infographic maps all the unit groundings recently ordered by the U.S. Air Force as a consequence of sequestration-related budget cuts.

The colors used in the infographic are: White, for Combat Mission Ready units; Grey for Basic Mission Capable units; Red for grounded units.

A rough analysis of the active-duty units that were ordered to stand down starting Apr. 9, to ensure the “survival” of the remaining units supporting worldwide operations through the remainder of the fiscal year, shows that the least impacted command is PACAF (Pacific Air Forces); a sign of the U.S. Pivot to the Pacific, where Washington faces China’s growing military power and North Korea’s threats.

Sequestration stand down lr

Image credit: Al Clark for The Aviationist

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  • Troy

    Greetings-The 11th BS at Barksdale does not “own” any B-52s, they are an active duty associate squadrons that supplies personnel to augment the B-52 FTU the 93rd BS (a reserve squadron). So this squadron “standing down” I doubt has any effect on PAA to the 93rd BS.

  • Troy

    The 158th FW Vermont ANG is not “standing down”, the active duty pilots assigned to the wing are not flying due to funding cuts in the flying hours for ACC. ACC funds the pilots and maintainers that are assinged to reserve and ANG wings as “active associate’ units where they supply people, but do not own the equipment.

    ANG units during peacetime fall under control of their respective states’ governors with funding coming from the state/federal government for tilte 10/32 missions. I am assigned to a reserve F-16 squadron and we have an active duty squadron assigned to us and the active duty pilots are not flying, but our reserve/ART pilots are. Here is a quote from ACC’s website:

    “Active-duty aircrews assigned to Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard A-10 or F-16 squadrons under an arrangement known as “active associations” will also stop flying”.

    Same for the 303rd FS, AFRC squadron flying A-10s, they have an active duty associate squadron and only their pilots are not flying….not the entire 303rd FS. I say this because two of their A-10s were at my base last week.

  • Massimo

    For the 2nd Bomb Wing one squadron stands down April 9. The graphic instead shows as grounded all the 3 squadrons of the wing: 11th, 20th and 96th (all in red). That’s incorrect.

  • Bigdirk

    Bet the Russians and Chinese are rubbing their hands…